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Term 3 officially began on Monday and with that came the responsibilities of uni once more. Like a lot of you, my exams have been cancelled so I currently have an excessive amount of free time which at the beginning was fun but now is definitely taking a toll on me. 

Warwick has been very supportive in this entire Lockdown period which has been very comforting and even despite how uncertain life seems to be at the moment there still seems to be some sort of air of calmness around my uni life. For first years, like I mentioned earlier, exams have been cancelled and instead we are completing an online module specifically designed to help us with online learning just in case this period lasts longer than we think. I, along with many other, initially thought that this was completely pointless but in all honesty I feel like it is definitely better than nothing. I would rather be completing this module than preparing for exams or starring at the same four walls of my house. 

The other thing Warwick has decided to do, which does effect you as an offer holder, are the online offer holder days. I have had the pleasure of being asked to participate so I will get the chance to  talk to some of you later on and answer any questions you might have about starting Uni, studying law, and everything in between. I would strongly urge you to get involved in all of these online sessions because its just one more way to try and keep your life moving as normal. I recently saw on twitter that my sixth form were holding virtual training sessions for the netball team. It’s little things like that where you can take some time and connect with your friends or literally anyone but your family that really help keep you grounded. 

I know some of you ay have planned work experience or holidays and festivals and even though you can’t exactly virtually go on holiday you can definitely get creative with the other two. I know for me, there are a couple of online virtual open days being offered by some of the law firms I’m most interested so I will be registering for them. Wireless and Afronation won’t exactly be the same in your back garden but get your friends on facetime and blast your favourite songs. Things will only feel better when you get proactive about feeling better. I have a virtual pub quiz later with my friends later and I’ve seen people have movie nights on Netflix Party and Jam sessions using TikTok. It’s honestly all possible if you just stay positive. 

I hope you are all well. And I hope you are all staying safe. 


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