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Virtual ‘Galentines’ Ideas!

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Every year my friends and I get together to celebrate our friendship on valentines day. Normally, we all get together in one big room, watch films and order pizza; however this year we have to do things differently. Whilst it is a shame that we can’t hug or see each other this year; we have decided to move galentines online.

If you are planning to do this same, here and some of the ideas that me and my friends have come up with for this year.

  • A big aspect of galentines for me and my pals is to make loads of food and have an indoor picnic. Instead this year we have decided that to have a drink and make some food for ourselves this year and eat it over zoom. Whilst it isn’t the same as in person; at least we can try to recreate the same atmosphere that we would usually have each year.
  • Dressing up- During lockdown there are never any reasons to dress up and I always find myself lounging around in my pyjamas. Normally each year we dress up in a valentines theme (hearts, and lots of pink and red) and even though we are going to be celebrating online; we will still be dressing up. Not only will it be super cute to see everyone dressed up, but it means that we can all feel good and confident about ourselves.
  • Presentation night- Once so often, me and my friends schedule zoom calls where each of us do presentations. They are never serious, and tend to be on topics that make us laugh. A few highlights we had from last year included ‘Animals I don’t Trust’ in which my friend found the strangest looking animals and listed reasons why they were terrifying to her. We also had a presentation on ‘Queer Icons Throughout History’ which was entertaining and fun to rank the most iconic. This year for galentines we will be doing the same; and hopefully there will be more fun topics to discuss.
  • Quizzes- A zoom call during lockdown is nothing without a quiz so of course we will be doing some on the 14th. One recent trend which we all decided to take part in has been the ‘who’s most likely to’ polls. Anonymously we all vote for the friend on google forms and the results will be announced on the zoom call. As well as this, over the years we have collected funny moments and saying from each other and guessing who said what, or who did what is always a laugh.

If celebrating with your pals online isn’t enough; here’s some ideas to show them that you love them.

  • Send a care package- Since it can be hard at the moment to keep a check on all your friends; sending them a little something this valentines day can put a smile on their face. Also, why not send them some self care items like face masks and you can do them over zoom together for a virtual sleepover.
  • Write a letter or send them a card- Recently I got told that no one forgets a hand written letter and I think that’s one of the sweetest things ever. Sending something you have written yourself to a friend could also put a massive smile on their face by letting them know how much they mean to you.

Whilst Covid-19 means that we can’t see our friends often, small things like calling them and celebrating friendships will strengthen the bond you have!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything creative related! Or even just generally about life here…
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