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Last weekend was my first experience of Varsity. Varsity is essentially a weekend filled with sporting events from equestrian to netball and rugby to ultimate frisbee. It was awesome. Warwick won, as we have done for the past 26 years, but it was much closer this year with the final scores coming in at 40-30.

I headed to the Ricoh Arena on the Sunday of Varsity weekend to watch the rugby union fixture. Tickets were relatively cheap and included transport PLUS entry to the Wasps vs Harlequins game beforehand – which was epic.

The main event followed shortly after the conclusion of the Wasps game – and immediately the rivalry between the two universities was apparent with chanting, songs and the like coming from both sets of fans. It was a tight game, but a try in the final play in the game gave us a 22-20 victory. A victory which was noisily celebrated by the ‘#teamwarwick’ supporters (including myself).

I think the main downside to the event was that after all the shouting I was without a voice for the following couple of days. Worth it though.

Aside from Varsity, we’ve seen the SU elections over the past week. Campus changes into a myriad of cardboard boxes painted with the candidate’s name and main policies. I can’t help but feel for the people who spent the early hours of the morning hanging cardboard off trees, lampposts and bridges. It’s good to see lots of people getting involved with the running of the university, though!

There have also been elections for society execs (people who run societies). With that, we’ve been bidding farewell to the execs of the past year, who’ve done a great job organising events, socials and managing the money!

Alongside all of these goings on, there are sadly still deadlines to meet. As we get nearer the end of term, deadlines come thick and fast! I have a couple of tests and group project deadlines coming up over the next two weeks. Better get back to it!

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