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Valentine’s Day

Sophie Schremser
Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

Valentines Day is coming up. That statement will either initiate a swarm of butterflies in your stomach, or a very over exaggerated eye roll. We have St. Valentine to thank for this. Legend says, that he was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II after having been caught performing secret wedding ceremonies when they were prohibited. Before his execution, he sent his last love note off signing it, “from you Valentine”.

The estimation of Valentines Day cards sent worldwide today goes up to 1 billion cards!Where do these even go?

Different countries have taken up different traditions for Valentines Day.

In Japan, the women are the ones spoiling men on Valentines day, and men are expected to return the favour on “White Day”, the 14th of March.In Germany, amid the chocolates and roses you are very likely to find a pig as well as they are a traditional symbol of luck.

Countries such as Finland and Estonia have it all figured out. In both languages the day translates to “Friends Day” and both romantic relationships as well as friendships are celebrated.

However, the country I like best is South Korea. Not only do they celebrate Valentine’s Day and White Day, they also celebrate Black Day (14th of April). On Black Day, people who are not in relationships meet in restaurants to eat black noodles and either mourn or celebrate being single. I know where to plan my easter holidays…

For you lucky few that will have a valentine to spend the day with this year, I thought of some options to surprise your partner with:

  1. Any typical celebration gift is perfect for Valentines Day. Share a nice bottle of wine, get them their favourite high-end liquor, or pop a champagne bottle together and make a toast to yourselves !
  2. If your partner has a sweet tooth, Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to spoil them with what they like best. Delicious chocolates that you can either get as it is, or in a box with different ones, or even a little teddy bear ! Guaranteed heart-melt, and if you’re lucky, your partner will share the treats with you !
  3. Personally, being someone that already eats chocolate all year, quirky and fun presents are probably my favourite. Why not give your partner something personalised ? A mug with your funny face, or a cute key chain…

Please remember, that Valentines Day is not a reason to feel bad about yourself, if you do not have anyone to spend it with. These present ideas are not exclusively for people in a relationship, why not treat yourself this Valentines Day? I know I certainly will.

I’m thinking about a little box of chocolates to have while watching a movie in bed. What about you ?

Sophie x

Sophie Schremser
Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

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