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Valentine’s Day – Project Cupid 2018

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

Valentine’s Day has always been one of those holidays I’m not particularly fussed about. It can obviously be a little distressing for some people seeing all the romance around them if they’re on their own, but even being in a relationship I tend to get a bit sick of seeing the commercial side of things too – any excuse for card shops to sell overpriced cards and giant balloons, right?

That’s why a few years ago, Warwick Writing Society set up Project Cupid, our now annual fundraiser which works by sending out personalised, commissioned poetry to people on Valentine’s Day in return for the sender giving a small donation to our chosen charity. This is the third Project Cupid I’ve been involved with, and as President this is definitely the one I’ve been most involved in, and it’s always really good fun. Commissions can be as romantic or as light-hearted as people want them to be, so while we receive a lot of commissions for poems dedicated to people’s partners, we also receive several for people’s friends, family, and flatmates.

We’re only a small society so we know that this is just a tiny campaign compared to many of the other fundraising initiatives which take place across campus, but we believe that every little really does help when it comes to charity! In the past we’ve been directly contacted by the charities we’ve raised money for to thank us for making a difference, which is always lovely to hear. We usually choose a charity that is local to us – whether an independent one or a branch of a national one, and this year we chose to work with Women for Women International Warwick, who raise money to help women in war-torn countries get back on their feet. Women for Women International Warwick operate in the form of a society, the same way we do, so it’s run by students who fundraise all year round for the women they support. It’s been really great to work with another society in this way as it has helped us meet new people and learn more about the society’s aims as well as raising money.

The last two weeks have seen us all really busy penning poems ready to fly into people’s inboxes tomorrow and hopefully make them smile on Valentine’s Day. We like to think that this is an unusual and fun gift for people to give to those they care for, and what better way to brighten a dull February morning than by spreading the love?

You can see more about Project Cupid and what else we get up to as a society by visiting our Facebook page – Warwick Writing Society. This is just one example of all the cool things that take place at Warwick that you can get involved with – both for fun and to support a great cause!

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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