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Useful things I brought to uni

This time last year was the lead up to results day. All I could think about was how excited I was to go to university, and how scared I was of not getting the results I wanted. I was so excited to go shopping for stuff for my new bedroom and kitchen, which I did the day after results day. I had watched practically every YouTube video that gave university advice, Ikea hauls, room tours, etc. in preparation for this.

But there are some things that those videos didn’t mention, so here are some of the more unusual but useful things I figured out for myself and had to buy when I got there:



Shopping trolley – you know those smaller trolleys that older ladies often drag behind them when they go shopping? Well I bought one. I lived in Heronbank in first year, and while I didn’t mind the 20 minute walk to Tesco, carrying back heavy bags in pouring rain or sweaty heat isn’t the best. I started avoiding buying frozen foods, carrots and potatoes because of that at first. The trolley was the best investment ever, and was about £15 on Amazon. Plenty of other students use them too, for there is no shame in practicality.


Extra crockery – did you only bring one plate to uni? Did you smash it just as you were about to dish your dinner onto it? I relate. In my first year I smashed my favourite plate, my flatmate’s drinking glass and my expensive glass cooking dish. So perhaps considering bringing doubles on essential items. You can also use them if you have friends round for dinner too.


Soup spoon – same size as your average dessert spoon, but rounder. Personal preference I guess but it’s so much nicer to eat stuff like rice with one. I only mention this because shops don’t seem to sell them in the cutlery box sets.  


A reusable water bottle / hot drink flask – save the planet and stay hydrated.  


Pins – the amount of friends who forgot to bring pins to put up their pictures and posters on the corkboards in their bedrooms…


Induction pans – most of the ovens in on-campus accommodation have electric or gas hobs, but induction hobs are becoming far more popular in new-builds as they are more efficient. My second year house has induction hobs, and because not all of my pots are compatible with it, I’m going to have to buy new ones. Save yourself this trouble by checking that the pots and pans you buy are compatible with all hob types.   



Tote bags – you’ll probably end up being given loads of these during Freshers Week. Don’t throw them away, but don’t let them lie around getting dusty either. Use them as shopping bags, a gym bag, general-use bag, or cut them up and use as dusters. Personally I use them as storage for potatoes because they’re more breathable than plastic bags but still prevent the potato dirt from getting everywhere. 

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