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URSS Diaries #7 (+ A-Level Results day!)

This past week of research may have been one of the most interesting so far! In contrast with data processing and general modelling, last week I began to find a good model of the star system that agrees with all the data we have.

When modelling the star system previously, I compared the models I found with a short bit of the data from the Kepler space mission. However, Kepler was running for several years so there is lots more data available! It has been challenging work to extend my best model to the rest of the data; it turns out just because the model agrees with some of the data, it doesn’t mean it automatically agrees with all of it! Although frustrating at times, it has been interesting to see the limitations of computer modelling.

All Physics URSS students are required do a short presentation on their research, and last Friday I gave mine! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me feel very proud of all the work I have done throughout my project.

To finish off my post, I just wanted to say a few words about A-Level results day. To all of you waiting for your results, I wish that I could take away the nerves that you will probably be feeling. I would recommend doing some research on what to do if your results are better or worse than you expected (some great blogs on these topics have been published recently). But remember, you have all done the hard work already, and I am a strong believer that . There is no shame at all in going to your insurance choice, another university or to take a year out if you need to!

I’ll be thinking of you all on Thursday <3

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