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URSS Diaries #3

Three weeks done, five left to go! Overall this has been an enjoyable week; I have finalised all the data processing and incorporated all the light curves I have made into one huge plot. Although it looks a little messy, and was a very time-consuming and fiddly task, I am really proud of it as it shows all the hard work I have done over the last few weeks, with the thousands of images and hundreds of lines of code I have grappled with! Next week I will be using this data to help improve a model of the star system, which hopefully will enable us to get to the bottom of this interesting problem!

I have also taken advantage of some of the events organised by the URSS mentors. The mentors are PhD students who help us develop our reflection skills as well offer support and encouragement. On Tuesday there was a drop-in session, and after receiving a free drink from the Arts Centre café (always a bonus), I met with couple of other students undergoing summer research and some of the mentors. It was a really enjoyable experience, and a nice break from my research to have a chat with some new people and hear what their research interests are! I would recommend going to the sessions in the future if you are an URSS student and fancy meeting some new people and snagging a free drink!

After the drop-in session, excitingly I was also recorded! Unfortunately this wasn’t my debut onto the big screen; my short interview was part of a university project to raise awareness of the undergraduate research opportunities available at Warwick. I love talking to people about my research so found the whole experience great fun! Other researchers from different disciplines have also been interviewed and recorded, and as soon as the film has been edited and put online I will be sure to share the link so you can find out more about undergraduate research!

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