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Updates: Year 4 Term 1 Mechanical Engineering with Business Management

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

Since term started, I have not really updated my uni life much so here it is. Hopefully, this will give you a flavour of uni life of a finalist/Master’s student at School of Engineering.


This year, we (MEng students) all have to take 120 credits including a group project that worth 30 credits (the equivalent of 2 modules) unless you went on an exchange last year, in which case, you work on an individual project instead and a report about your exchange experience, each worth 15 credits. As I have chosen Business Management as my elective, unlike others who are pursuing a straight Mechanical Engineering degree, I have three core business modules which are Supply Chain Management, Quality Systems and Simulations of Operations. For my optional modules, I have picked Renewable Energy, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Mathematical & Computer Modelling.

For this term, I am taking Supply Chain Management, Renewable Energy and Computational Fluid Dynamics which I quite enjoy studying, especially SCM, as it is non-mathematical, something outside of Engineering, so it adds a bit of variety to what I am studying. Two things that are different of this year’s course to the past years’ are that a lot more background reading is required for each module to thoroughly understand the content this year (ie. roughly 4 hours per lecture) and the pass mark has been changed to 50 from 40.

As for my group project, I am part of a thermal transformer for recycling and upgrading waste heat project, partnering with i-STUTE. The objective of the project is to design and build a transformer that increases the temperature of waste heat to a higher, more useful temperature without an additional energy input. This term, we are focusing on analysing, selecting, manufacturing and testing the materials suitable for use in reactors and modelling the system. Building and testing of the transformer will then take place after Christmas break. If you are interested in the project, you may find more information about the project on https://warwick.ac.uk/research/priorities/energy/researchthemes/transform/.

Job hunting

I am pretty sure all, if not, 99.9% of the finalists who still have not secured a graduate offer by now are engulfed by this nightmare of job hunting. This process is just endless. Whilst coping with the immense uni workload, I have been trying to send out as many good-quality job applications as possible, ie. no sending cover letters out after simply changing the company names on them. That was what I used to do when applying for internships in the past 2 years and it had not been proven successful. Therefore, I have decided to put more effort into each application this year as getting a graduate job (and not just graduate job) is my top priority, next to getting good grades in my assignments.


The week before term started, I applied for a free beginner’s coding course run by CodeFirstGirls and was lucky enough to be selected. So for the past 8 weeks, I have been attending classes from 6-8pm every Wednesday, learning how to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as the software Bootstrap and GitHub. I am currently in the process of building a travel blog website with my friends and once it is completed and alive, aka live on the internet, I will be put the link below, so do watch out for this space if you would like to see the product!

If you have read my previous blogs, you already know that I work as a student ambassador, student blogger (duuh) and a performance steward at Warwick Arts Centre. You may be thinking, why is this girl taking several part-time jobs if she says she has so much uni work and other things to do? Well, I actually think having multiple flexible part-time jobs allows me to take a breather from this busy uni life and connect with the outside world, particularly when I am stewarding a show at the Arts Centre. Obviously, I only sign up for shifts when I am not buried in deadlines so that my part-time jobs do not interfere with my studies.

That is all for now, till next time and good luck!


Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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