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Up and Coming: Warwick Skate Society

There are always new societies popping up at Warwick. All of them are unique in their own way, and run by really great people who love what they do. However, there isn’t really anything out there quite like Warwick Skate Society, which has already become the talk of the campus. It was around October time last year that I first started noticing people wearing ‘WarSka’ t-shirts around campus. The stylish, minimalistic design was what first caught my eye, and the more I saw the merch, the more I became intrigued to find out what it was all about. At first I thought it was yet another pretentious, overpriced brand name *cough* Supreme *cough*. Nevertheless, I was still curious, so I did what any millennial would do: I googled it. The only result showing was a Polish Jazz singer from the 80s (who, in all honesty, is a pretty cool singer), yet after that I gave up my search. However, a few days later, perhaps by fate, I met Oli – Vice President of Warwick Skate. And so indeed, he was a skater boy and I said, ‘Oh, Oli, tell me more about your cool society!’… Not really, but I found it of great interest on how the society came into existence. I have not yet founded a society at university, so it was really interesting speaking to someone who had set up their own. It all started off with a hobby. Oli and his coursemate/flatmate/only mate Ed, both enjoy skating and everything about it. The thrill of skating, the merchandise that goes with it, and of course, the wide range of people one would meet at the skate park. As their passion developed, they both decided that they would take it a step further and create their own society, for others who shared their interest. They envisioned it as being something unique and special, and one can easily see that there is nothing at Warwick quite like it. Warwick Skate is for anyone and everyone. They hold a wide range of fun activities and this enables all members to meet and get involved with something that they all love. Some members have been skating for years, whilst others might have never even stepped upon a board before. Nevertheless, Warwick Skate brings all these people together to create a welcoming community for all. With free classes on Campus as well as around the Leamington Spa area, the society is dedicated to spreading their love of the sport to as many people as possible. As well as trips to London in order to visit the well known Southbank Skatepark to ‘bust some moves’, they are also seen showing off their new clothing collection named WarSka. This, as mentioned previously, is what I had first seen around Campus which attracted me to find out more about the society. WarSka, short for ‘Warwick Skate’, for which the society is most widely known as, came into existence due to their members’ love of skate merchandise. Their first drop was in October, whereby they sold 3 styles of t-shirts which all sold out immediately. If this isn’t enough proof of their success, I don’t know what would be. This phenomenal achievement was better than anything any of the exec team could have ever imagined. Oli, Vice President, commented ‘I was so gassed by the result. This society is like our baby, and to see it grow and become so widely known in such a short period of time has been so great. I can’t even put it into words.’ However, it wasn’t always easy for the team. A lot of preparation and hard work had to go into getting the society to where it is today, and this is something that could be easily overlooked, especially with all its current popularity. When asked what they owed their success to, Ed, founder and President of the society, said that it was his passion and dream that drove him. If each person who had an idea for a society actually created one, there would be double, if not triple the number of societies that currently are at Warwick. However, it means nothing just saying that you’d potentially like to set up a society. It is your drive and determination to spread what you love that truly makes the difference between a hazy dream and a concrete reality. Due to their dedication, organisation and persistence, the team have managed to create a society like no other. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I greatly look forward to what they are planning on doing next. *Circling is a Warwick tradition, which occurs every Wednesday evening. It is when societies get together to play drinking games, then head off to the Student Union night out named ‘Pop!’.

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