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Unpopular Opinions: New Year’s Edition

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So, the time has come for us all to reflect on 2019 and plan our goals for 2020. Although, this year feels a little different because we are now facing a whole new decade. Rather than simply telling you all of my new years resolutions, I decided instead to share some possibly unpopular opinion about New Year’s. Happy 2020!

1 – January 1st is not the only new beginning 

We’re all guilty of the classic “New Year, New Me”. Even if you don’t say it (or post about it), you can’t deny that January 1st feels like a whole new beginning, a fresh start. You’ll probably make a load of resolutions for the new year, vow to change your life perhaps. However, I truly believe that every day is a new beginning. Although it sounds like a cliche, you can decide to make a change in your life, however big or small, any day of the year. Shocking, right? So if decide to make goals on January 1st, good for you. If you decide to change your life on March 21st, also good for you! Don’t get wrapped up into the New Year. If you ‘messed up’ the first week of January, you do NOT need to wait until January 1st 2021 to restart. Just do it today. 

2 – A lot of common goals are overly materialistic or vague. 

Some of the most common New Years Resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, spend less money, quit smoking / drinking, read more, and travel more. These all sound amazing and if you can achieve them, congratulations! However, these goals are all primarily focused on your external life; your appearance, your bank account, your travel-inspired instagram posts. In addition to these goals, why not look a little deeper into who you are? How you want to improve yourself as a person? How can you make yourself proud this year? For some example, have a look at this article. Or this one.

3 – Meeting your goals is not the only way to have a successful year.

Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Often, this is not a negative thing. If you find yourself outgrowing your goals due to unforeseeable changes throughout the year, that is okay. Even if you reach December 31st 2020 and you haven’t met a single one of the goals that you wrote down on January 1st, you have not failed. You simply got thrown onto a slightly different path this year. For an easy way to combat this, give yourself an hour every month, or every ‘quarter’ (3-months) to review your goals and decide which ones are still possible and which ones don’t fit your lifestyle anymore. Change your goals. Add new goals. Adapt & thrive!

4 – Some goals are simply unachievable.

This may be the most unpopular opinion on here. I absolutely love the idea that ‘nothing is impossible’ and that we can do anything. However, I think it is important to be realistic and to acknowledge our own boundaries. We all have ‘barriers’ whether this is due to a lack of time or funds or something else. So, whilst I do encourage you to dream big (because you CAN succeed in these dreams) – I urge you to be realistic and patient when setting goals. 


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