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University experience in a nut shell

I can officially say that my undergraduate experience has finished, since I have received my results on Tuesday. It doesn’t actually feel like the end of my undergraduate experience. The whole three years of my university degree have consisted of tears, many breakdowns and a lot of stress. However, there were many experiences and skills I have gained throughout the years that have made the whole university experience remarkable. 

1. I remember in first year I struggled with basic graph plotting and using softwares for referencing or gaining access to certain articles on the web, however it’s now gotten to a stage where I can do these things without having to think about it twice. My skills in using Microsoft Office and other softwares have developed greatly over the years.

2. Solid State was a subject in first year I found extremely scary, because the concepts behind tetrahedral and octahedral holes seemed a little complex, however this went on to becoming one of my favourite topics after doing a lot more background reading into it and developing on the previous concepts in second and third year. 

3. Computational Chemistry was a field I did not know much about when I started here at Warwick, but due to the lecturers and content learnt, this has become my favourite field and I am now doing a URSS followed by a Masters by Research in this area. I have genuinely been so intrigued by this field that I put a lot more effort into the assignment I had to submit couple of weeks ago as part of my laboratory pro-forma. 

4. I am going to miss  my university friends dearly, but some of them have grown so close to my heart that I know we will be making the effort to stay in contact with each other and I am looking forward to seeing them all again for graduation next month. 

5. My overall Chemistry knowledge – I have been able to learn about so many interesting things within my degree and become more specialised and knowledgeable in certain aspects of Chemistry such as Analytical, which is a part of Chemistry that we do not get to cover much during A levels. The Analytical department here at Warwick is very specialised in this field. 

I am going to miss a lot of people here dearly, however am looking forward to starting a new chapter on complete research still here at Warwick. If I was to do anything differently, I would definitely join a lot more societies and have spent more quality time with my coursemates. I can’t wait to share my graduation pictures with you next month. 

For any questions about Chemistry at Warwick, final year things etc, do get in touch. 


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