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Uni… What to bring!

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I know so many people reading this are going to be in the middle of exams so I thought as a nice break it would be good to discuss some great items to bring to university! All the advice can be OVERWHELMING so this blog will just include the 5 things I found most useful to bring. As always though, do not stress about bring everything or forgetting things. One of the perks of being at Warwick is that we have Cannon Park (an awesome shopping centre), just next door, which includes an Aldi, Wilko, Iceland, Tesco and so much more. You will be able to find anything you need and more just around the corner!

Anyway, without further a do, here are my top 5 things to bring to university:

A bucket

Ok don’t laugh. I know it sounds ridiculous but I promise you…. you will thank yourself later! A bucket is very multipurpose: is someone feeling sick? Time to get the bucket! Do you want to make one ginormous cocktail for you and your friends? Grab the bucket! Do you have some stained clothes you need to soak? You guessed it… it is time to get the bucket.

I specifically brought a 2-in-1 bucket/sick bowl from Ikea, which has been very useful when more than one person has needed to use it at once. If you are happy to share it with everyone also, I can promise you that you will make friends quickly!

Here is the link to the one I brought with me! PEPPRIG 3-piece bucket set with lid – IKEA (I know its pricey for a bucket but the fact its 2-in-1 and has a lid makes it worth it)

Tote Bags

When I was packing I first thought I would just need one rucksack like I did for school, however I am so glad my mum convinced me to bring some extra options. Living on your own for the first time means that you can go on lots of little trips, meaning that your one rucksack may not be enough if you are going to stay with a friend at another university for a few days. As well as this, I know the 5p-20p charge for a plastic bag does not seem like much when you go to the supermarket but trust me it adds up! Its also really good to remain thoughtful about the environment and our waste and buying a tote bag, or reusing plastic ones, can be a brilliant way to do this!

I was gifted a really nice one from Typo! The Daily Tote Bag (cottonon.com) (Plus there is currently a sale on!)

Supermarket vouchers

These are great to ask for from family or friends if they are looking to buy you a gift before university! I was lucky enough to receive a few, which covered my weekly food shop for almost my first full month being here. This meant that I did not have to worry about budgeting as much when I first got here, which was really useful and meant that I could just relax and enjoy my first few weeks of uni.

Just make sure you let family know to get you vouchers for somewhere that’s close to uni so you will actually use them (mine were all Tesco vouchers as that is what is in Cannon Park!)


A lot of Warwick’s student accommodation will provide you with a pin board to help you decorate your room. Mine is full of Doctor Who posters, pictures with my friends from home and friends from uni, my numbers from dance competitions and certificates from trampoline competitions. You need some pins so you can do this!

I got some absolutely adorable turtle ones from paperchase! Turtle push pins – pack of 20 – Paperchase | Paperchase (If you have lots of pictures you want to pin up, it is definitely worth getting two packs)

Clubbing bag

A lot of my friends tend to just hold their phone and card holder when we go out but I am too anxious to do that! I worry about it getting stolen.

I invested in a little brown off the shoulder bag, which I take everywhere with me at clubs, which ensures all of my belongings are kept together and I do not have to worry about them getting stolen! Often I end up looking after other peoples stuff as well, which gives everyone a peace of mind.

Mine was from Peacocks (in Cannon Park actually), but if you are after something more masculine, bum bags are the way!

Obviously this is not an extensive list but I feel that these are some of the most useful items that I have taken to uni! I hope this has been useful.

Happy Shopping! xxx

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Lottie Cooke | Politics and International Studies Contact Lottie
- Navigating nightlife as a less confident student. - Being…
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