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Uni v Home

I live in a tiny village somewhere in the North of England so being back home and not being constantly surrounded by mates is a weird one!

On the one hand, it’s ace. I’ve got the mother to do my washing, make me meals with actual nutrition, and I can catchup with my old mates etc… On the other, I miss uni!

There are certain things which are perfectly acceptable at uni but at home… aren’t. For example, going to bed at 3am and waking up in the early afternoon happened most days for me at uni – not so much at home. It’s apparently ‘abnormal’ to have such a sleeping pattern.

The same applies for food. Whilst I was perfectly happy with my microwave meals, takeaways and worryingly occasional ‘proper’ meals at uni, that’s apparently not the done thing back home.

It’s certainly good to have a chilled week or two when you first get back from uni, just to recover. Safe to say I’m looking forward to my second year now!

Best of luck with your results if you’re getting them this year!

Have a good summer!


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