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Uni. Packing List: What to Bring

Packing for uni. sounds like such a drag. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Stick on some tunes and follow my list of essentials so the process can be simple and rapid.


As wardrobe space at uni. was smaller than that at home, I initially brought my ‘winter wardrobe’ then swapped it out for my ‘summer wardrobe’ when I returned in the final term of the year. You can always combine the two, but I didn’t find myself wearing shorts that often when it was snowing.

·     Shoes: trainers, boots, a pair of heels, going out shoes e.g. Vans, flip flops, slippers

·     Socks and tights

·     Underwear

·     Trousers: jeans, joggers, leggings

·     Tops and t-shirts

·     Jumpers

·     Coats: heavy winter, lighter jacket, waterproof/umbrella

·     Pyjamas

·     Sports kit

·     Dresses and skirts

·     Dressing gown


·     Soap (bar soap lasts longer than bottle soap)

·     Shampoo (see above)

·     Conditioner

·     Shower gel

·     Sponge

·     Toothbrush

·     Toothpaste

·     Mouth wash

·     Hairbrush (and hair ties)

·     Razor (and shaving foam)

·     Moisturiser

·     Perfume/cologne

·     Makeup (and creams etc)

·     Makeup remover

·     Nail varnish

·     Nail varnish remover

·     Nail scissors

·     Tweezers

·     Cotton pads

·     Cotton buds

·     Tissues and loo roll

·     Plasters (or a first aid kit, get you!)

·     Deodorant/talcum powder

·     Feminine care

·     Condoms


Although most people type out their notes on their laptop these days, it’s always useful to bring a pad of paper to lectures just in case! I only got through one the entire year, but I would recommend it either way.

·     Paper

·     Notebook

·     Pens

·     Pencil

·     Rubber

·     Ruler

·     Sharpener

·     Highlighter

·     Hole punch

·     Stapler

·     Folder (the thin ones will do, not those FAT ones from A levels)

·     Drawing pins

·     Paper clips

·     Scissors

·     Glue stick


·      Lamp

·      Mobile phone

·      Phone charger

·      Laptop

·      Laptop charger

·      Toothbrush charger (and adaptor if necessary)

·      Speaker

·      Earphones

·      Alarm clock


·     Cutlery

·     Plates (large and small)

·     Mugs

·     Glasses

·     Bowls

·     Saucepans

·     Frying pan

·     Set of knives

·     Chopping board

·     Measuring jug

·     Grater

·     Colander

·     Sieve

·     Baking tray

·     Pizza tray

·     Whisk

·     Peeler

·     Handheld blender

·     Wooden spoon

·     Ladle

·     Tongs

·     Tea diffuser

·     Potato masher

·     Bottle opener

·     Can opener

·     Tupperware

·     Water bottle


The following are optional, but you might consider them if you’re hoping to spruce up your room. Check out my post ‘Décor-great Your Room’ for inspiration!

·     Photographs

·     Posters

·     Fairy lights

·     Tapestry

·     Door curtain

·     Trinkets

·     Plants


Tailor your shopping list to your taste, but you’ll want a few things to get you started.

·     Cereal

·     Bread

·     Cucumber

·     Tomatoes

·     Cheese

·     Sandwich meat/Quorn

·     Fruit: apples and bananas were a staple

·     Veg: peppers, carrots and lettuce were my main three

·     Pasta

·     Tomato sauce

·     Olive oil

·     Baked beans

·     Various herbs and spices (I used cumin, turmeric, ginger and oregano)

·     Supper ingredients for the evening you arrive

·     Chocolate

·     Biscuits

·     Milk

·     Butter

·     Houmous

·     Jam/peanut butter/marmite (ew)

·     Tea

·     Coffee

·     Sugar

·     Alcoholic beverages


·     Bed sheets and covers

·     Towels

·     Iron

·     Washing tablets/pods

·     Cleaning supplies (I simply had a cloth for dusting, a cloth for cleaning and a multi-purpose spray. Trust me, you’ll want to keep your room in check)

·     Tea towel

·     Oven gloves

·     Tin foil

·     Watch

·     Jewellery

·     Hair dryer

·     Hair straighteners/curlers (and heat protectant spray)

·     Clothes drying rack

·     Laundry hamper

·     Clothes hangers

·     Books

·     Cookbook

·     Deck of cards

·     Passport

·     Purse/wallet

·     Reusable shopping bags

·     Sewing kit

·     Bin bags

·     House keys

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    Nice advice for someone, who is going to uni. I was checking out this for fun, but remembered, that forgot to pack sewing kit. Thanks, really needed something like this!


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    Really nice post. I was checking this out for fun but remembered to pack sewing kit. Thanks, it was helpful!


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