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Uni. Life Exposed: Daily Schedule

Having lived at home or in the school boarding house for the last 18 years, it’s probable you’ve always followed somebody else’s schedule. Every morning you’d have to get up at a certain time, eat breakfast at the table then head to school for the next 7 hours before coming home to complete chores, your homework and go to various clubs. Every day, you’d eat a meal in the evening at the same time before getting ready for bed and repeating the same thing the next day. Now you’re at uni. and you’re on your own time, it can feel slightly overwhelming! It’s great having all the power but you have to find that balance on your own to ensure you get all your work done and develop good habits. For example, my days would be as follows:

6:00     Get up. I am NOT a morning person but for many reasons which I won’t delve into, uni. ensured 6 am was my natural wakeup time. I’d get dressed immediately because I’m not one to sit in a dressing gown and would head to my desk to watch yesterday’s lecture on lecture capture.

7:30     Breakfast!!! An absolute gem of a meal – the most important of the day – would be eaten in front of *ahem* an episode of something on Netflix. My breakfast would always consist of Weetabix with warm milk and a cup of tea. Yum!

8:00     Brekky is over, it’s time to get ready for the pesky lectures.

8:40     Teeth brushed, hair detangled, makeup on and bag packed, it’s time to tackle the walk up to Gibbet Hill to avoid being late!

9:00     Lectures (quantity and timings vary daily)

12:00   Luuuuuuunch! My favourite meal of the day would normally be a wrap of some sort with some delicious fruit and another cup of tea, usually of the green variety. This would, to my mother’s dismay, be enjoyed in front of the rest of the episode of whatever I was watching this morning.

4:00     Now that lectures are over, teatime takes place where I can enjoy a snack and another – you guessed it – cup of tea. I never realised how many a drink…! This is my favourite time of the day to relax now that all the work has been done.

5:00     Around this time, I’d start preparing supper depending on what society I have that day, as practice times vary.

6:00     Supper time. Although an hour earlier than I was used to at home, I’d be rather hungry at this point and flexibility is required at university!

7:00     Leave for training as it’s on the other side of campus and I need to collect my friends on the way.

7:30     Training starts.

9:00     Training finishes. I head to the shops on the way home to pick up any food I may need for the next day. Despite trying not to buy snacks, I’m weak willed when it comes to food and munch some chocolate on the walk home… oops.

11:00   Depending on the day, I would start heading to bed. Otherwise, the clubs would be calling, or I’d go round to my friend’s flats and chill with them.

As you can see, every day would differ as lecture times would change, training times vary, and evening plans alter. However, your day can easily fall into place and you have loads of free time to spend with mates etc., especially as the number of hours you spend in lectures is significantly less to the number of hours you spend at school. You’re more than welcome to follow my day if you’re after a basic guide, but I most certainly do not recommend waking up that darn early!

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