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Uni Check List

Hello Incoming Freshers and hello Returning Years. I hope that you have all enjoyed your summer holidays, whether you have been on abroad or working in your hometown. But as October looms ahead, one must return to studying. Uni life is much different to home life – two weeks in and you’ll be missing the times you didn’t have to buy groceries and cook for yourself!

At the moment, my parents are persisting me tirelessly to pack my bags for uni. I’m moving into my own flat in Leamington, and so far all I’ve packed is a few tshirts.

"You don’t need flimsy t-shirts, it’s going to be winter soon!" – Mumma

Anyway. Nothing has been done, and I’m moving back a week today. I have a few odd bits in cases, but I thought it would be best to procrastinate some more and instead write a blog post on what to bring to uni. I completely understand that some of these things might not be necessary for you personally, but I will be writing as a 19 year old girl in her second year. I will, however, try my best to be as gender neutral as possible and I will include some extra bits and bots for Freshers at the end! Instead of reminding you to bring things like your underwear, I’m going to give you some ideas that you might not have thought of when packing.

So, without any more blurb, let’s get into it, in no particular order:

Clothes To Get Dirty:

– You’ll probably be attending the Foam Party during Freshers’ Week in the Copper Rooms. It’s a great time, but you will not want to get your CK bralette top wet because of the foam. Maybe bring an old tshirt, and definitely a pair of shorts.

Warm Clothes:

– I thought that as soon as I’d go to uni, I’d never be wearing a coat again because Mum wouldn’t be nagging me to as soon as she saw a grey cloud. But, her words still rung in my ears, and I always pop a coat on just in case. I’m from Bournemouth whose nickname is ‘sunny sunny Bournemouth’, so the Midlands for me was a bit chillier than what I was used to anyway.

Fancy Dress:

– This is a must, especially if you’re joining sporting societies. They’re known for being really into ‘circling’, which is what Warwick students call ‘predrinking’ and this happens before a student night out on a Wednesday. People often have themed circling, for example, ‘robbers and cops’, or ‘doctors and nurses’, or ‘zoos on the loose’. You get the picture.


– Warwick has a really nice swimmingpool that lots of students go to, so don’t miss out!

Party Clothes:

– Self explanatory. Though, not many people really dress up to go out partying. I’d sometimes go in what I was wearing during the day. I once famously went to a club in half of my pjs because I lost track of time whilst studying, had no time to change, but still wanted to go on the night out. Classic.


– I’m putting this down here, because, well, I forgot to pack pjs in my first year.


– There’s a gym on campus, one in Cannon Park Shopping Centre, and some scattered around the surrounding areas too. Even if you’re not a gym goer, I think it’s always good to have a spare pair of leggings and trainers just in case something pops up that requires them.


– Minimum I’d say would be pen and notepad. You can always buy more when you’re here, but it’s best not to go empty handed into your first lecture.

Kitchen Utensils:

– For this one, I’m going to quote my flatemate from last year.

‘Okay, hi guys. I know all of you would bring kitchen utensils, so I decided to not bring any. I’m relying on your kindness and generosity here in order to provide me what I need. I’ll wash it up and put it back where I found it, I promise. Anyway, who’s got a wok? I want some stir fry’.

Not joking. This was one of the opening lines he said to us as a flat. Anyway, it’s best to bring your own frying pans and knives and forks, but remember: if you don’t have something, they’ll be someone else who will, so don’t worry.


– By games I mean things such as a pack of cards to play ring of fire. Maybe don’t bring Jigsaw with you.


If you’ve forgotten something, you can always buy it. All accommodations are equipped with the essentials such as internet cables and iron and ironing boards, but you might want to bring an extra lap with you or some pillows to make your bed look comfy. My tip is to not bring too much to start with, as you can always go home at Christmas or even beforehand to pick up things you feel that you’ve forgotten.

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