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Uni 2020: Social Life

Hi guys!

Today’s post is about how to make the best of uni social life, despite the current circumstances and restrictions. My top tip is to follow the rules! I know it’s going to be hard for all you freshers and it’s going to look so different from what my first year was like. But the more we all follow these rules, the sooner we can get over this.

My first tip would be to try your best to make friends with your flatmates! This year, they are the people who will be in your bubble so if you all get along and become great friends, then you can have a lot of fun within your kitchen group! As you might already know by now, you are asked to fill a form when choosing accommodation and your flatmates are allocated accordingly. This system is usually pretty effective, and they do their best to put you with like-minded people. My advice would be to really put in the effort to get to know your flatmates and make friends with them because that will really make your life better! Given that there may not be as many opportunities to meet other people in person, it’s imperative that you take this chance.

But not all hope is lost! A lot of societies will be holding events and are all adapting to online events. It may not be the same as in person events but I would recommend going to as many as possible! Before uni, I used to be more introverted and didn’t find it easy to talk to new people. Once I got to uni, however, I was able to become a lot more social and meet many people. A big part of this was societies and also mutual friends. Thus, my tip is to attend as many society events as possible – you might end up seeing the same people over and over again and there’s a way to make friends!

How do you make friends at online events? Well, this is something I’ve struggled with too. I’m generally someone who prefers texting over calling and so the prospect of meeting new people over video calls freaked me out a bit. If you’re like me, try not to worry and try to put yourself out there and do things out of your comfort zone! With many non-academic societies holding events for freshers, they are all bound to include some form of icebreakers or activities to facilitate interactions between attendees. I would say try to make the best of these events so that you can make new friends! Even if you can’t meet up in person immediately, you can definitely keep in touch and keep up the friendship.

Another great resource can be society group chats! Last year, I joined a couple of chats and they weren’t always the most active but already, I have seen that this year the people are more active on the group chats as they realize this is another way to meet/talk to freshers! This can be a great way to meet people with shared interests and also out of your course!

One last thing – this is some advice specific to my experience. When I was a fresher, I was very worried about social life as I am a teetotaler. I was worried if I would be able to find others like me, if I would be able to attend a lot of events etc as I thought the drinking culture was very big at Warwick. To be honest, it is and a lot of socials do include drinks, but in general, no one forces you to do anything you don’t want to and many societies do alcohol-free events to cater to this segment of the population. And think about it this way – with the pandemic and restrictions on in-person events, a lot of this will be limited anyway so people will find other ways to socialize and you will be fine!

I hope this helped and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are seeking advice!

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