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Ultimate list of things to bring:

Holly Elliott United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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Moving into uni can be super overwhelming. Some of you may be travelling long distances and with the added stress of sorting out your accommodation and meeting lots of new people you’ll want to keep the process as stress-free as possible. Every year is the same when it comes to moving in so prepare to bring more than you think you need and spend a fair amount of time organising what you have, so not only will you happy with where you’re living but you won’t start losing your belongings half way into the term.

The Kitchen: when moving in it is undoubtedly going to be your kitchen utensils which take up the most room when travelling, they’re also going to be the heaviest so it might be a good idea to spread your kitchen things alongside things for your bedroom to spread the weight and make the process easier when you eventually have to carry them into your halls…

  • 2 x plates
  • 2 x drinking glasses
  • mug
  • saucepans (max 2)
  • frying pan
  • chopping board
  • 2 x sets of cutlery
  • large knife
  • small knife
  • potato masher (this is a must, you’ll end up using it a lot more than you think)
  • baking tray
  • wooden spoon
  • cheese grater
  • cereal bowl
  • tin opener
  • bottle opener

Cupboard essentials: there are certain things which you should never run out of at uni and trust me when I say that you will come back to these things again and again throughout your degree…

  • pasta
  • mixed herbs
  • paprika
  • pasta sauce
  • honey and lemon juice (especially for freshers flu)
  • salt

Cleaning Products: while this may seem obvious you can never have too many cleaning products at uni, especially when sharing facilities in your halls so it’s always good to have these in the kitchen too…

  • bottle of bleach
  • fairy/washing up liquid
  • sponges
  • cloths
  • antibacterial spray
  • disinfectant wipes

Bedroom essentials: some of these things will either be pretty obvious or not obvious at all, but they are both essential. Your bedroom at uni becomes your own safe space and while some of these things might seem useless it is quite important that you take these things to make your new space your own…

  • blanket
  • travel pillow
  • door stopper
  • first aid kit
  • warm clothes for colder months
  • cooler clothes for summer months and halls (they can get quite hot)
  • one outfit for formal events
  • one smart outfit (for job interviews etc.)
  • ear plugs and eye mask (some of the walls in the different accommodations are quite thin so a buying ear plugs is a simple purchase that goes a long way)
  • passport
  • dressing gown
  • medication
  • toiletries
  • paper, pens, folders, highlighters etc for studying
  • blanket
  • 2 x towels
  • slippers
  • shower bag

Optional items: these are not essential to bring on moving day but maybe once you’ve settled in and can see what space you have free, these items are great investments that will last…

  • measuring jug and mixing bowl (my friends and I used these all the time when baking together – a great way to make friends in your halls)
  • peeler
  • garlic crusher
  • egg cup
  • printer (printing is available on campus and there are printers distributed all over campus, however if you’re someone like me whose subject has a lot of reading, it was actually cheaper for me to bring my printer from home and buy cheap paper/ink instead of purchasing printer credits)
  • portable speaker (this was really useful during freshers week or when groups of us were in the kitchen)
  • record player (the desks in each accommodation are larger than you think so I kept my record player there)
  • houseplant

While I have probably missed off a few things here is a rough guide on what I took to uni, but don’t worry too much. It’s not the end of the world if you forget things and with Cannon Park nearby you can pretty much get anything you need whenever you need it. Happy moving!

Holly Elliott United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Feel free to ask me any questions related to the…
Find out more about me Contact Holly

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