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UCAS Deadline Behind Us

Yesterday marked the last day for UCAS applications to universities in the UK! Many of you will have already received offers I’m sure (well done), but to those of you who haven’t – fear not! Different universities take different amounts of time to respond to applications, there’s also huge variations between courses at the same university, so don’t worry if your friends have had offers from one university, but you’ve not – it all takes a while!

I’ve told the story of my results day in a previous blog post (‘My A Level Results Day…’). But there’s often a little bit of wiggle room within offers. I have a lot of friends who received offers for, say, AAB, and were accepted into the university when they achieved ABB at A Level. I even had one friend who was accepted onto an AAB course with ABC! So even if you get an offer which seems high, by all means go for it, but if you come up a little short on results day it’s not necessarily the end of the road for that university.

Best bet, however, is to work hard over the next few months and smash those exams so you can get into whichever university you like! Wherever you end up, though, I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy it – university (whichever one that may be) is a great opportunity to experience so many new things and meet so many like minded and interesting people!

Best of luck with your offers, I hope they’re coming in thick and fast!

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