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Typical day in the uni

The fourth week of the second term is over and the reading week is coming soon! It is going to be ‘full’ of classes for some students, though…

Today I wanted to tell you how my typical day looks like here in Warwick. Different students have different timetables and we all have obviously joined not the same society or sport club. I’m trying to spend my time wisely and plan as many things as I can do in a day.

Usually, my classes start at 9 am, so I wake up at 7:30 to have breakfast. To tell the truth, even if my alarm is at 7:30, I get up at 8:10, doing everything much faster, and then take a shuttle bus from Sherbourne residence to Westwood. Since the office of the International Foundation Programme is in Westwood, most of our classes are there. My classes finish at either 1 pm or 6 pm. Of course, all the classes are not in a row and we normally have one-, two- or three-hour brakes. When I finish at 1pm, I go straight after the classes to the gym in Cannon Park Shopping Centre (which is a five-minute walk from Westwood), where the Tesco shop is located. After the workout, I buy food and go back to the accommodation. Therefore, I have the second half of the day for studies, for instance. When my classes end at 6 pm, I also go to the gym and Tesco, but then I have time just to prepare dinner :))

11 am on Sunday is when my library day begins, and this is the day I can focus on independent studies. Of course, student life is not all about studies. We do often go to societies’ events. For example, since the start of the second term, I have begun visiting football matches between the societies on Sundays. And I do support the USSR team <3, since being the member of Warwick Russian Speaking Society. After the long game, we celebrate out victories while having lunch all together in Varsity (on-campus pub)! Furthermore, we sometimes spend evenings playing pool or table tennis.

If you ask where we do usually spend the nights out. Probably, the Terrace Bar is where we preferred to go in the first term, but now ‘calm kitchen party’ is the best option for all of us to meet together. Ask some undergrads, especially freshers (first-year students), they would probably answer “Smack on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Pop’s in Copper Rooms on Wednesdays and Neon on Fridays!!!” (Smack and Neon are the clubs in Leamington Spa, known to be some of the best around the University of Warwick; Copper Rooms is a club located on campus).

In addition, one of the greatest advantages of Warwick University is its location, as we can easily get to Coventry to buy some food in the market, to Leamington Spa to have brunch, as well as to Birmingham and London to spend some time in the urban area.

Don’t worry about what you can do in the university because everybody can literally find everything here, even climbing!

I hope you all are having a great second term!

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