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Types of Society Events

Vikram Kumar Khosla | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) (Warwick Scholar) Contact Vikram

There are literally hundreds of societies on campus that host many events. For those that are unfamiliar with the concept of a University society, it’s a student-run and led group/organisation of students/’club’. They tend to take the name of or connect with students on a particular matter. For example, academic societies can be related to courses e.g. PPE Society. There are different sports, entertainment and arts, cultural and many more types of societies. If you think of an idea that isn’t represented in a society form, and there’s enough interest, you can set-up your own society. Societies connect students through their activities and events. If you ask any university student about their social life, it will almost definitely involve an involvement with a given society. Whether that be through holding executive positions in running the society, attending events or memories created from other forms of engagements.

In this blog, I outline some of the very many different types of events that societies hold in a given academic year. Broadly, they come under a few loosely over-arching categories; academic, social and personal/professional development

Welcome Week- Activities galore!

Societies will aim to host all kinds of events and gatherings during welcome week to attract many of the university’s new students to join. The good thing about Warwick, compared to other universities, is that you pay the Students Union a fee for the year, which then allows you to join societies. Most societies will then be free to join after you purchase the Students Union membership. However, some societies may still charge a little bit extra for membership. Nevertheless, many students cite welcome week as the best time of their life/university as societies provide an endless opportunity to meet new people and have so much fun.


This is a broad category. A way that societies really entice students, especially during welcome week and throughout the year, is hosting or creating socials. These can be split into internal and external socials. Internal socials could be events held on campus e.g. Film and Pizza night. There are many of these socials. External socials are events held outside of campus e.g. arranging a ‘bar crawl’.

Domestic/International Tour

Some societies organise annual domestic and international tours, where they visit a particular city. Here, students will literally tour the area and engage in socials in the evening (generally-speaking).

Society Ball

Many societies host a ‘Ball’ (quite prom-like event) every year. There’s glamour, music, food and aesthetically-pleasing décor.

Speaker series

Societies will host internal/external speakers to deliver a keynote or run a session. These have consisted of politicians such as Presidents and Ambassadors of countries, celebrities/influencers or individuals that have an insight on a topic e.g. distinguished academics. They can be low-profile speaker series with student-led keynotes to high-profile.

Conferences and Summits

Some specific societies e.g. Warwick Economics Summit or Warwick Congress are set-up so that they effectively deliver the conference/summit. This is literally akin to global conferences that occur, where there is a theme/discussion with many different speakers and attendees.

Academic Support

Academic societies will endeavour to deliver academic skills or similar sessions, especially revision sessions in Term 3.

Professional and Careers development

Some societies are set-up and tailored towards career development e.g. Warwick Women’s Careers or Warwick Finance Society (One of the biggest on campus!). Events around these range from panel sessions with invited alumni/employers with extensive networking. Other events may include CV clinics and application support.

Overall, there are many societies and events. The events that they hold will inevitably differ. Above, I have outlined some common forms of events that I have attended, but they don’t give the societies-scene justice in terms of the scale and specific forms of events that are held.

Vikram Kumar Khosla | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) (Warwick Scholar) Contact Vikram

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