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Trying to Avoid Insanity

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So lockdown (3/4/8/who knows now) is really getting to the entirety of Britain, everybody seems to be finding things kind of hard myself and my house included. So I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been doing to try and avoid going mad during the last month or so.


The best thing I’ve been doing is getting outside every day, trying to run every other day and go for a walk when not. I know its boring and what everyone says but it kind of works for me sorry. Highlights have been running out to Itchington (yes its a real place near Leamington along the canal) and cycling to the windmill (pic below) about 30 minutes south of Leamington. My top tips for places to run/walk in and around Leamington are to Warwick along the canal and then river Leam, along the canal east towards and beyond Offchurch and Newbold Comyn.

Try doing something you did when you were younger

I’m lucky to have two housemates who picked up their instruments again during COVID so after reading week in November I decided to join them and started to deafen the street with some appalling saxophone. I hadn’t played for nigh on five years and am still atrocious but its nice to play a bit at the end of a day working hard and getting nothing done :).

I appreciate it won’t be feasible for everybody to pick up a musical instrument during lockdown but anything you used to do but don’t anymore, give it a go, why not lets be honest, we’ve got f@$k else all to do at the moment.

Accept that a large number of days will be pointless and wasted

I know the university hasn’t acknowledged that COVID actually impacts out ability to work this year, but of course it has. From a personal perspective, I just received my first large piece of work back this year and it was six percent lower than anything else I’ve received at Warwick, but this kind of thing is going to happen. Life isn’t normal right now and there is no point pretending it is. Often you will get up but then stop working having achieved nothing, or have no motivation to do any work on a given day, don’t worry you aren’t alone. When you are paying god knows how much to sit in a mold infested student house without access to campus or any facilities it can be hard to motivate yourself, you aren’t alone.


Whilst many days will be a complete write off, at least make you don’t go hungry, and as all the pubs are closed I’m spending nothing on going out so have a little more for groceries. I’ve tried to expand my admittedly limited cooking abilities a smidge, learning how to make veggie lasagna and shakshuka recently that have both not entirely without taste, which is good enough for me.

Life’s sh!t for everyone at the moment, so just hold on a few more months, with team sport back in 30 day and most other things by mid-May, and clubs in June. Personally I’m looking forward to restarting tag rugby next month, and having a massive weekend first weekend clubs are open at the Access Festival, as all graduation festivities are cancelled due to COVID in spite of the fact restrictions are all planned to be lifted by June 21 and from mid-May up to 10000 person events can take place, but hey good job we aren’t paying for anything (oh wait….). Till tomorrow, kind of forgot that I needed to write two a month of these, February has gone kind of fast!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Sam Percival | History and Politics (with Year Abroad) Contact Sam

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