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Travelling off campus

Even though Warwick sometimes might feel rather intimate and secluded, it is not in the middle of nowhere! Warwick Campus is pretty well connected and not as detached as one might think. There is a lot to see, and most places worth visiting are less than an hour away!


First on my list is the city in which the University is located. It takes just around 20 minutes to get there, and it is the perfect place to do some shopping or go out for a more fancy meal. For my Polish people, there is also a really good Polish shop with everything that might remind you of home! However, if you are craving a night out, Coventry has a well-known student club Kasbah and a lot of Spoons, but if you are looking for something a bit fancier, maybe The Botanist is the place to go.


Even though our University is named after this city, I know many people who still have not set foot in it, and it is worth your time to do so. Warwick is most known for its castle, which can be seen from practically every part of the city. Apart from looking incredible during the day, o it also has a lot of evening events on its grounds, like beer-garden nights.


Most known as William Shakespeare’s birthplace, it is also a medieval town. Around the city, you can find many street performances and gorgeous buildings. There is also the Royal Shakespeare Theatre or, of course, the house of Shakespeare.As you can see from my description, I have not visited it yet, but I am planning to do so!


I had the chance to go to Birmingham this Saturday and let me tell you, it was an experience. I started my trip in Digbeth, a very industrial-looking part of Birmingham with a lot of street art and went into many vintage shops. Later for lunch, we visited Chinatown and ate some amazing Korean food (i know, not what I expected) in an Asian food hall – I highly recommend it. Of course, when you visit Birmingham, you have to walk past the famous docks, and you might even want to see other places which had their cameo Peaky Blinders.

Leamington Spa

If you have never been to Leam, you will eventually end up here. It is the city where most students live in their second and last year. With many student clubs and pretty cafes, it is the perfect place for a night out or just a bottomless brunch. You could also go kayaking on the River Leam or visit Jephson Gardens. It is also a perfect study spot with the Univeristy of Warwick learning grid, its library and the cosy cafes like Temperance or Procaffinate.

Of course, you could also go to London, Manchester and Oxford, but those are a little more famous and might be a bit more expensive but worth visiting.

Please let me know your favourite place to go outside of campus!

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