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Transitioning to Warwick – Student Support and Dyslexia at Warwick University

If you are looking at starting at Warwick University in October and you have dyslexia or any other disability make sure you get in touch with disability services. I only found out I had dyslexia in my first year of my degree and they have been so helpful in providing support and a dyslexia tutor. Please don’t feel worried about contacting them, they can help to put everything into place for you. I really struggle with reading, it’s my biggest issue and they can even help with reading lists etc. Student support is a great service too please make sure you use them, they can help you with whatever issues you may have whilst you are at university.

For me as a ‘mature’ student summer feels like it’s going very slow and it’s been a long time since I was at university. As a family we have done so much, we been on holiday and days out, I’ve also been doing a bit of paid work to help me through the summer. However, now I am starting to turn my attention to my dissertation, you see it’s my final year and I cannot believe how quick the years have flown by. This time next year I will have graduated. For anyone else going through their last year at university it’s probably a really good time to consider what you are going to do next. The careers service is available all year round to help and guide you. Make use of them while you can, they can help you to arrange work placements / experience and even possible speak to people in the field you would like to get into.

If you are a 2+2 student transitioning to Warwick campus in October take the time now to get to know the campus, at the moment it is pretty quiet. Find out where Westwood Campus is, as you may spend some time there as well as on main campus. If you haven’t visited the library go and have a look, it is massive, try to find a book that will help you with your studies up at Warwick. Some departments have reading lists and it’s always good to have a bit of a read before you start in October.

My experience of transitioning to Warwick Campus was fine. I’d made sure in the summer that I could fine my way around the university, it really does help, as in those first few weeks you are probably no longer with the people you were at college with. I would suggest getting involved as much as possible, it made me feel much more at home. The other thing that really took me my surprise was how encouraging the younger students made me feel and they probably don’t even realise how much they made me feel positive and encouraged. For me I have a daughter called Faith who is now 3, she’s starting preschool in September. When other students found this out, they were amazed at how I could be studying for a degree as well as looking after her and the family too.

One other suggestion I have for female students, is if that you can attend the Sprint programme that the careers service can put on, it will build you up and really encourage you. I did this last Christmas time, out of term time. It was such a benefit, it gave me a new found confidence in who I am and in my studies. Here’s the link if you want to have a look…… You can also take up the offer of a mentor from a company

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