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Transforming the Ramphal and the Social Sciences building

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you, and if you are a student of Warwick University, I hope Week 1 has been going great for you!

Today’s post will be about the refurbishments that the university has made over the summer. I am an Economics student and have been studying in Warwick for two years now. Since my course has a lot of students (I would say, roughly 300?), most of my lectures take place at the Ramphal building as it can accommodate up to 400 people. Due to the fact that there are also students from joint courses like EPAIS and PPE, the lecture halls tend to get full. For the past two years, the Ramphal building, the R.021 in particular, includes flip tables. If you are one of the unlucky ones, you may get the ones which are not working, so you would have to rely on your lap to support you in making notes throughout the lecture. This is a picture I got from Google to show you the before and after pictures of the Ramphal building:

Credits: Square Meal

To my surprise, this new academic year also means a new Ramphal building; it now has tables! 

Taken from my camera

I am honestly so jubilant about this because now I am able to write my notes better without having to guess which flip tables don’t work. Congratulations to Warwick University for managing to refurbish this within a tight time frame of three weeks! The theatre also has new writing ledges, new emergency and a reassurance lighting system.

Apart from the Ramphal building, the Social Sciences building also has refurbished and here are some pictorial proof:

Look at how modern and spacious these rooms look! This is now a complete look after Phase 3 of refurbishment of this building. Overall, they’ve refurbished 8 teaching spaces. The building is now connected to the campus district heating system, hence the heating in the teaching spaces is more efficient and sustainable.

Apart from that, they have also added extra study spaces:

Formerly, they did not have study spaces in the building, so this is useful if you want to study elsewhere aside from the library. The entrance doors to this building are also pretty sophisticated as they have a touch screen which enables you to enter the building.

On top of that, the University has a gender-neutral WC.

This shows that the University truly cares about equality and diversity among the students and staffs across the university. 

This is why I love this university, they will accommodate and be accepting of everyone regardless of religion, race or culture as inclusivity is important in this university . They will listen to the students’ feedback. There are many renovations happening across the campus this year, and I am excited to see how the university looks like next year, when it has completed its Warwick Arts Centre 20:20 Project! 

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