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Top Tips to Ace A-levels

With A-level and University exams fast approaching I thought I’d compile a few quick tips how to make the most out of this time prior to the exams. *DISCLAIMER*. Unfortunately, with most things reading lists like these are a fantastic way to start and already show you have the right attitude to do well and be successful. However, what works for me or your friends may not necessarily work for you, so I’ll start with the best tip first:

1 – Try different learning techniques!

As I said in the previous paragraph you will have read many many many of these lists all compiling different revision techniques to pass those dreaded exams! Even though I don’t believe we are all one type of learner, i.e visual, auditory, I believe we will have certain preferences which best suit our learning styles. Through the past two to three years I have found that making flashcards (far too many) best suits my learning. They act as mini exam questions which constantly test whether you understand the material or not and are a quick method to drill complicated mechanics (oh Organic Chemistry…). But try different techniques! Make a few flashcards, make a playlist of youtube videos around your topic and listen on the way to school, tailoring your revision to your own needs is the best make to make sure you ace your exams.


This is very close runner up to the best tip to ace you’re a-levels. TRUST me with this one. Especially for science students, but the same applies if you’re studying an arts subject. Just like with flashcards, sitting down and answering questions is the best way to tell if you understand the material or not. I understand, writing a bunch of essays may not be the best way to revise for an art subject but making essay plans is a sure-fire way to see if that question came up on your exam you’d be able to include all the information you needed to grab all the marks available.

3 – Keep your health in check

This is the tip I should pay more attention to. I am very bad when it comes to exams in stopping the sport and relying on unhealthy snacks to get more through the hours of revision. But going for a quick swim or run is an amazing way to boost your energy and will improve your mood making those long revision sessions just a little bit easier!

My final tip would be to avoid procrastination! The best way to do this is to draw up a timetable which sets a side certain breaks which will motivate you to keep going as you know a well-deserved break coming up! As to avoid procrastination myself I end the blog here and wish everyone sitting their exams now or in the next few weeks the best of luck. (:

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