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Top tips for starting your degree!

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

Well done for making it to Warwick! This week is Welcome Week and many of you will be attending academic inductions. This blog aims to help you start your degree.

Tip 1- get organised

Sort out folders- each year I colour code the folders so I can easily access the notes. I look on Moodle and look at what topics we will be covering and make subfolders. Also, look at where your lectures/ seminars will be. Use Welcome Week to find these rooms as it will make week 1 less stressful. Make notes when deadlines are due.

Tip 2- speak to second and thirs years

they are in the same position you were in either a year or two years ago. Joining an academic society means you can normally get a buddy or parent who will be able to give you specific advice regarding your course e.g. where to get good resources, which modules they enjoyed, exam tips etc. Their advice is invaluable. Sometimes they also have books which they can give or sell to you which is a lot cheaper than buying the books brand new.

Tip 3- look at the essay questions

On Moodle, you can normally see the essay questions. I would advise looking through these beforehand so you know which weeks you need to make extra notes on or do extra reading. Sometimes you can even start the essay in advance and develop it as you go through the team.

Tip 4- ask for help when you need it

This is super important! I was quite scared to ask for help whether that was dealing with homesickness or about the lecture or essay feedback. Although it is a bit daunting just ask people are often very happy to help. I found this really increased my mark in the second year. I wish I had done this in the first year.

Tip 5- dont put too much stress on yourself

You are joining university at a very odd and uncertain time be kind to yourself about this. Most first year results don’t matter academically so try not to stress too much- I know this can be easier said then done but try to relax and enjoy meeting new people.

Best of luck with your studies and Welcome to Warwick!

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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