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Top Tips For Freshers’ Week

Are you all excited to begin freshers in only a few days?! If you’re at all feeling nervous, DON’T BE, it will feel scary but I promise that it will be so so fun and looking back, I wish that I could do freshers again. My top tip is to go into your freshers with an open mind and be as sociable as you can, as freshers is the easiest time to make friends as you’re all in the same boat. So be adventurous and attend events that you wouldn’t normally, talk to different people and be open to all possible things.

Weeks 1 and 2 of first term will be jam-packed, so be prepared! You’ll have your lectures starting from Monday 3rd October, as well as all of the day and night freshers events. It’s going to be a very tiring couple of weeks, I remember spending the weekends literally sleeping all day in order to catch up on all of the sleep I had missed! However, your two weeks of freshers madness is totally worth it because it will be one of the best experiences of your life. If you haven’t bought a freshers week pass then not to worry, as you can buy single tickets for each event that you’d like to go to (which is what I did). Also, if a certain event is sold out, then you can email the Warwick SU and asked to be put on a waiting list for tickets so they will let you know if any become available. Alternatively, you can also look on the Warwick Freshers facebook page and look out to see if anyone is selling event tickets that they now don’t want.

Within the first two weeks, you’ll also have the different fairs. The easiest way to know what’s going on during freshers is to check out the Warwick SU Freshers site, it’s so helpful! But to give you a quick and easy run-down of the essential events to visit during the day –

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October : Freshers Fair

Tuesday 4th October : Sports Fair

Wednesday 5th October : Societies Fair Day 1

Thursday 6th October : Societies Fair Day 2

Even if you reckon you won’t join any sports clubs or societies, I would highly recommend going to the fairs anyway because it’s fun and it gives you something to do during the day while freshers is going on! You’ll have barely any lectures in week 1 (they mostly start in week 2, week 1 is mainly introduction stuff) so spend your free time during the day to explore campus and all the activities! Also, you may be surprised by the sort of sports clubs and societies on offer – I’d recommend signing up your email address for all the societies you may be interested in in order to receive newsletters and information on upcoming events. This way, you won’t be tied down to joining the society but you can still be informed on future things that they might be doing. Also, make sure you take leaflets informing when their first meet and greet and welcome event is, so you can go to all the initial events of the societies and get to know a bit more about them. These initial meet and greets normally have free food (PIZZA) so definitely go for that perk too! Again, you won’t be forced to become a member of any society if you go their initial events, it’s just to allow you to learn a bit more about each society.

My other main tip is to keep occupied during freshers! It is easy to stay cooped up in your room, feeling too scared to socialise with flat mates who are still strangers to you, but that is the evil route to feeling homesick. Therefore use this time to talk to people who are in your flat, above or below yours, people from your course, everyone! It’s so fun meeting new people and creating new friendships, so enjoy it. If you feel homesick at any point, speak to someone because it’s most likely that someone else will be feeling homesick too, therefore you won’t be alone. From then on, keep on socialising with people and exploring the campus, because if you’re occupied you won’t ever feel lonely.

If you are indeed a Psychology student like me, and you are a first year student moving in this weekend, you should have heard about the welcome breakfast on Monday 3rd October at 10am. I will be there at the breakfast along with some other second and third year students! This way you can ask us any questions you may have, plus have some great food and eat for ages (I remember the welcome breakfast from last year when I was a fresher, it was fab). Be sure to also check out the Warwick Psych Society – there is a facebook page which you can join and then you’ll see all the events that will be held during the freshers period.

I hope you all have an amazing freshers! Be sure to leave any questions that you may have in the comments below, but remember to have fun and be fearless, University is a learning curve and it will be a great experience no matter what.


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