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Top Tips for Finding Off-Campus Accommodation

For those of you who are keen followers of my blog, you may have noticed that I published this one a little bit earlier than usual. Why? Because I just have to share my tips for finding off-campus accommodation!

Ask Around

The most obvious thing to do is to ask anyone you may know in the years above for information about where they lived. I can tell you this though: the vast majority of students live in Leamington Spa, a smaller percentage live in Coventry and only those who are more focussed on studying than partying live in Canley, Earlsdon or the other surrounding towns. North Leam is nicer and closer to uni., but more expensive whereas South Leam has some pretty huge houses and is close to clubs, pubs and the shops, although it is certainly dicier. Anyway, have a chat with older students to gain more insight or feel free to leave a comment below and my friends and I can help answer any questions. Moreover, ask the people who you want to live with where they want to live. They may have an idea or a request which would be worth considering, so speak to them and have a think about how to… accommodate them (haha) and their needs before moving on to Step 2…

Search Online

I mean, did you really think I was going to tell you to head to the estate agents’ themselves and ask for brochures? Warwick Accommodation have plenty of properties all over the place and are most definitely a good starting point. If none of them tickle your fancy, try It’s a fantastic tool which combines the results from various websites in an easily accessible manner. If you’re not fond of any of them, a quick online search should lead to a plethora of different property sites such as Belvoir or Tara & Co. With this, you need to be careful and make sure the property is student friendly. With all service sites, you should be able to toggle filters to search by price, location and number of residents. Be sure to read reviews and check to see if you’d have to pay extra for bills or internet. Also have a think whether you want the property to be furnished or not. Most people opt for furnished as you won’t have to haul a bed through the door, but it’s entirely up to you.

Use Facebook 

This particular social networking site is actually what landed me my second-year house. I was part of the official Warwick Freshers group (18/19) and people were posting adverts and vacancies or commenting if they were looking for someone to join. I found this to be the most helpful as I could get a feel for where the majority of students (who used the group) were living and what to expect accommodation wise. It’s also handy if you’re struggling to get a group together as people from all walks of life can spot, comment and act on a post so you may come across a really wonderful group of students to live with, who aren’t even studying the same course as you!

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