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Top Tips for Finding Off- Campus Accommodation

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Finding off-campus accommodation can be one of the most stressful parts of being a student. At Warwick there are three main options for off-campus living. First there is Leamington Spa, this is potentially the most lively and ‘studenty’ of the three, though also the furthest from campus. Second there is Canley that is by far the closest to campus, though little more than an outer suburb of Coventry. Third and finally there is Kennilworth, a very pretty small town a 15 minute bus or cycle from campus, its a mix of Canley and Leamington, not quite as busy as Leamington but livelier than Canley.

Before deciding where you live though, most people decide who/how may people to live with. I’d say most people lives in flats/houses of 3-5 but its not unusual for there to be more. I’d say focus on finding a nice group of people who you could imagine living with all the time then try and work out where to live, and decide Leamington as it’s objectively the most fun 🙂

The key thing to remember though is don’t jump into deciding who to live with too fast. Many people will already be trying to sort out their houses for next year even though you’ve only been on campus for a few weeks. Take a couple more months, see who you are still friendly with/fancy living with, and at the start of term 2 start maybe think about housing. It will seem like everybody else is doing it sooner, and they may be, but you don’t want to be stuck living with somebody you don’t like for a year because you felt pressured into sorting out housing stupidly early.

I sorted out my housing for second and final year in February and I’ve lived with mates, in nice houses, in Leamington both times. Don’t feel pressured into deciding really early. If in the unfortunate event your housing falls through there are always load of people looking to fill a room in Septum for one reason or another, indeed that was what my house had to do, so if you really want to live in Leamington and don’t sort out a house don’t worry, you can normally find something last minute.

Finding housing can be stressful, but its also great fun living with mates off campus, and 100% worth the stress of finding housing in the first place.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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