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Top Tip: Keep A Diary

I’ve always kept a diary. Ever since I was little, I used to write my deepest darkest secrets onto A6 sheets of pink scented paper and fold them up neatly, hiding them away for me to later find, unfold, and discover that little Mélissa had a huge crush on Benjamin. But nobody ought to know that. Well, firstly, everyone definitely found me kissing Benjamin behind the lockers in Year 6 PE. Secondly, and most importantly, when reading these memories, current me beamed like crazy. Just those few words on the now faded, sun-blemished scraps of paper would fill my mind with a copious amount of memories from the past. I remembered feelings, events, and long forgotten friends that I realise meant so much to me back when I was younger. I quickly learnt that keeping a diary made me happy. Not only was it pleasurable to write the entries, but also to read them back afterwards, as mentioned above. It was a way for me to unwind after a long day, and it helped me greatly in terms of letting go of unnecessary stress. As I would write my problems down, I would realise how insignificant they truly were. It put a lot of things into perspective for me. As I sat up in bed wrapped up in my duvet with my camomile tea on my bedside table: I would smile. I would smile because I knew that the diary in my hands didn’t just contain ramblings from a hormonal teenage girl, but a multitude of memories that would never be forgotten. One mistake I made was not bringing my diary to uni. Having a shared room, I assumed the worse and had these crazy visions of my roommate sneaking around our room in the middle of the night and burying herself under her blanket with a hand held torch in one hand and my diary in the other. This, obviously, did not happen. (As an aside, I’ll soon post a blog entry about what it’s like sharing a room). Instead, I was the one to bury myself not in my trusted diary but into myself. The start of uni was a blur to me, and let’s not even get into discussing freshers! I had all the support I could ever want from Warwick, yet what I needed was that time at the end of the day to reflect on everything. Each day I met so many new faces, and had so many memories with people that I wish I could look back on. Maybe there was another Benjamin during freshers that I don’t even remember! Therefore, one of my top tips for university would be to keep a diary. Your reflections could be written on tiny scraps of pink scented paper, or it could be on a fine, hardback diary from Paperchase (just kidding, you’re a student and can’t afford that). Whichever one you choose, make sure to fill it up with your highs, your lows, and most importantly: your thoughts. I can promise you that each day will be filled with something and/or someone new and exciting, and you’ll want to remember every single detail. After all, aren’t these going to be the best years of your life?

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