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Top Moments of Year 1

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It’s finally the end year 1 and I’m no longer a fresher! So it’s time to reflect on a fantastic year and tell you about my favourite things about this year.

1) Freshers

No matter how much you research freshers or talk about it with people who’ve been there, nothing can prepare you for freshers week! It’s a huge mixture of new friends, crazy predrinks and amazing nights out. I personally didn’t buy the freshers pass this yet but instead chose all the events that I wanted to go to and loved them all. Hall Wars was definitely my favourite because it made everyone bond even more, creating new friendships.

2) Learning how to survive on my own

For me leaving home and moving to university was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Although I considered myself to be a fairly capable cook and I can clean no problem, leaving behind a routine and my family was extremely difficult. But after a few hard weeks I made some incredible friends who have helped me realise that I am more independent than I thought I was. I still rely on friends and family for help now and again, but I feel so much more confident in myself now knowing that I can live alone and be happy.

3) The weeks after exams

After a whole year of working (fairly) hard it was so refreshing to spend a few weeks with all my friends after exams just doing whatever we wanted to do. While most of our days were filled with lie-ins and fry-ups, we had some lovely days out shopping or just grabbing a drink on campus without the stress of lectures or exams. A lot of people are eager to get home straight after exams finish – which is totally understandable. However, I highly recommend spending a few days at least unwinding and relaxing with friends in order to truly enjoy the university experience.

4) Passing my exams

Strange to put as one of my favourite moments as my year didn’t count towards my degree, but passing my exams was such a highlight of my year. Year 1 passed by so quickly and suddenly exams were here and nobody knew how they’d do in them! So it was a huge relief to know that I’ve got a solid foundation of understanding for the rest of my degree and I can have a great summer without worrying about my results.

I hope this gives you a taster of what’s to come (if you’re waiting for your A Level results) or even makes you reminisce about your own time at uni (for freshers like me!). Now time for a relaxing summer!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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