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Top frequently asked questions on Engineering Offer Holder Open Days/Taster Days

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

So you couldn’t make it to one of our Open days and Taste days, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered (mostly at least, I hope)! Here is the link to the official undergraduate admission website:

Dsclaimer: All this information is from my personal perspective, and correct for the academic year of 2017/18.

Let me begin with distinguishing the differences between the two. The former one: like its name suggests, the School of Engineering organises an Offer Holder Open Day for applicants who have successfully received a conditional/ unconditional offer. Usually, there is a departmental tour provided for both applicants and their parents separately where lecturers from each main discipline, ie. Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electronic and Electrical Engineering, outline some of the key modules students will be studying before and after they specialise accompanied some laboratory demonstrations. After that, if applicants and parents are interested, they can also attend demonstrations of some fourth year Engineering projects given by current project students, such as Warwick Racing, Warwick Submarine and Warwick Mobile Robotics over at WMG. The latter one: if you’re in year 11 or 12 and want to find out more about what studying Engineering at university is like, you should sign up for one! On the day, there are workshops and experiments designed for you to have a feel of what a current student at School of Engineering does. For example, you may be following a set of instructions of a lab briefing sheet and try to programme a temperature sensor or building sand castles (ok, from what I heard from my Civil Engineering friends at Warwick, they don’t actually build sand castles, but it is a very good example to demonstrate the elements of a Structural Engineering project comprised of including the optimal amount of water required in the composition to acquire the highest strength, what other materials can be used to strength the structure…). Attendees will then go on a campus tour after lunch break. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation, however, you will be able to have a look inside some on-campus accommodations on a university-wide open day. Taster day usually lasts half a day. Oh, and have I mentioned that it’s totally free.

Alright, so here comes the Q and A bit…

1) What are the grades I need for BEng and MEng?

They are currently AAA for BEng and A*AA for MEng including Mathematics and Physics for 2018 entry. However, exceptional offers are given to applicants without either of the subjects but demonstrate strong numerical skills. School of Engineering provides excellent support to Engineering students without A2 Mathematics and Physics such as weekly revision lectures in term 1 of year 1.

2) When do we specialise and what options do we have?

Starting from 2017/2018, it will be term two in year two. Up to this point, you will have the flexibility to switch between all the degree programmes SoE provides including Automotive Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, General Engineering, Engineering Business Management (with WMG), Engineering and Business Studies (with WBS), Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering. You will also be able to move from BEng to Meng providing you meet the academic requirement which is currently a 2.1 (60%) of your second year grade.

3) Will I be able to choose optional module(s) in first year?

Unfortunately, SoE is planning to replace an optional module with a core programming and data analysis module. However, if you wish to study a language as an extra module because you are considering a year abroad as part of your degree, you may do so over at Language Centre.

4) How many contact hours do I have throughout the course?

Really, I think what you really want to know is, ‘ how much time do I have to put into studying to get a decent grade?’ Ok so let’s start with the actual contact hours: From my experience, I had about 18-20 hours a week in first year comprised of 14 hours of lectures, 2 hours of tutorial, 3 hours of lab and maybe 2 hours of seminar each week. Second year was similar. This year, I have the least amount of contact hours, around 12 hours each week. Now move on to time required for self-study: This year has been all about self-discipline and motivation. First year, I would say I probably spent 1-2 hours on each lecture and probably 3 in second year, but this year, the time required to be spent on revisiting the material that you learnt from one lecture and actually understanding it takes way more than 4 hours.

5) What on-campus accommodation options are there provided by Warwick?

All first year students are guaranteed single rooms on-campus as long as they apply by the deadline. Warwick offers a variety of accommodation options depending on the size, rent, location and letting period. More detailed information can be found here:

Hope this is useful😊

See you in the next blog!


Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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