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Top 5 tips to stay self-motivated while self-isolated

The UK government has recently mandated a 14 day self-isolation period for those travelling to the UK from any country that is not on on their travel corridors list.

However, deriving self-motivation during self-isolation can be a challenge, especially as the UK winter looms over us and threatens to suck up the energy a sunny day can ignite.

In this post, I offer 5 simple, self-sufficient ways that help me capture the internal motivation and willingness to carpe each diem.

  1. Lists

I’m a huge fan of lists and the satisfaction that comes with crossing things off. Your self-isolation window is also the perfect time to get all those tasks you want to finish before term starts out of the way. So, before you arrive or on the first morning of self isolation, jot down every single thing you want to accomplish in the next 14 days.

2. Visible things first

Precedence is the best proof. Seeing the results of your efforts and feeling the calming contentment is the best way to push yourself to demolish that to do list. So, start with things that you can easily see the results of around you at most times like unpacking and setting up your room.

3. Thinking of the ‘end’ rather than the ‘beginning’

I’ve found that visualising the result of my efforts is a much, mcuh better motivator for me than thinking of all the tasks I have lined up to do which can simply seem daunting and make me want to put it off. So, start your day off visualising yourself getting things done and basking in the satisfaction!

4. Reverse psychology

Challenge yourself and your brain by betting you couldn’t do a certain task within a certain time frame. Start your timer and feel your grind begin

5. Get the music going

Although you’re meant to be alone, the company of music has not been forbidden yet! And, if you ask me, the right kind of music can be the most motivating companion. So turn that volume up and attack some chores to the music.

So, those were my Top 5 tips to stay self-motivated while self isolated. I hope they help you make the most of your self-isolation period and prepare you for a busy term ahead!

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