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Top 5 Tips for Fresher Year- Term 1

Some of you reading this blog will probably begin their Warwick Journey this October. I am sure most of you cannot wait to begin! Having Spent two years already at Warwick and coming for a country that is about a 7 hour flight from UK- I cannot wait to share my top five Fresher year’s 1st term tips.


This is an exciting time and a big moment in your life- you are only going to University once as a fresher! There is a fantastic buzz around campus to enhance that. You can see plenty of clueless faces in the new intake but you can see the energy too. Everyone will be anxious about how this part unfolds. Enjoy that first night out, first ice breaker session, first kitchen meeting, first lecture, first meal with probably a lifelong friend- LIVE THE MOMENTS!!

2) Don’t be shy to talk to people:

As time passes, more people will settle into their comfort zones and selected friend groups. However, Week 1-3 of Term 1, everyone is looking around to know more people from around the globe. And this will be your chance- go! Talk to as many people as you can. No one will be thinking of you any wrongly, they are probably trying to know people too so gather courage and talk to people. Just like the cliché says, everyone is in the same boat as you.

3) Get involved in everything:

This is your time to try- there is not a lot of responsibilities laid on you as yet so look around what all societies have to offer. You never know what hooks you for the next three or four years for your time at Warwick!

4) Study:

Lots of Party and plenty of sleep the next day- seems like the age old Freshers mantra?

As I suggested above, do Enjoy! Have no doubts about that. However, merely, setting aside an hour out everyday for academics will go a long way in establishing good habits. Ignore those who say- ‘First year doesn’t count, why would you do that?’

Tell them that this is an effort that you are putting for yourself, the grades you get will not benefit any of the distracters and shall just help you.

5) Focus on your career:

I know this will be so early and you will already be overwhelmed at so much of stuff happening around you. Hence, at this moment, I do not suggest that you engrave in metal what your next career will be. However, start making a proactive effort to seek this answer. There will be plenty of firms on campus as big as PWC, EY, Barclays, Unilever, Accenture, HSBC etc. that will be hosting different events and this will be an ideal chance to go and attend them to know what opportunities they offer. Do NOT miss the Autumns Career Fair!


This is all I have for now- Best of Luck!!

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