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Top 5 Regrets of First Year

I know most of you are going through a bunch of different emotions when it comes to thinking about first year. The pandemic is evidently also adding extra concerns and I wanted to come here today to you about how to maximise your first year experience. This is list of 5 things that, looking back, if I had done my first year would have been infinitely more fun.

1. “Hmmm, maybe next week…”

As April set in and lockdown was official, it dawned on me how many events and opportunities I passed up throughout first year thinking that by summer I would have more confidence or whatever excuse I came up with. As a general rule of thumb I would say (as long as you can afford it) just do it. Nothing sucks more than thinking about it later, regretting not going out or joining a society or meeting new people. First year is all about having fun and getting used to a new environment so make the most of it.

2. Lecture Capture

So its no surprise that lectures are often recorded and uploaded online for us. However, please do not abuse it! When you are literally 5 minutes away from the lecture hall you can make the effort to go. I promise there is nothing more productive than actually getting up in the morning because the information will definitely sink in more than through lecture capture. As someone who has been on both ends of the spectrum, I promise you, if face to face learning is available next year – GO TO YOUR LECTURES.

3. ACS Afrofest

Now this one I’m not too sure how it will work for you next year because of the current pandemic but I genuinely regret not getting involved with the showcase last year. It is essentially a showcase starring students of the ACS and other African & Caribbean societies on campus highlighting our cultures, fashion, music, dancing etc. So many friendships came out of it and also allowed many to come out of their shell. I would recommend you getting involved even if its with backstage work; what else do you have to lose?

4. Explore!

This kind of goes back to my first point about not passing up opportunities but this is the budget version. Campus is HUGE. Explore it. Grab some friends and go walking. There are some hidden gems that you would never come across otherwise. While on Campus, again, MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Wander around and just enjoy it. I stayed at Cryfied so I was pretty central and so I never went anywhere but Tesco, my lectures and back but Lakeside if beautiful and even Westwood (arguably). So go and look around.

5. Look after your Bank account.

There is NO reason to go into your overdraft. There is NO reason to buy designer brands with your student loan and NO reason to miss your rent payments. I wasn’t the best at budgeting during first year but I will have to say that even if it’s £10, saving it will be FAR more beneficial than getting McDonalds. Every time you go out, know how you are getting home and before you tap your apple pay check if they have a student discount. You are an unemployed student, please remember that when you want to order dominos for the 4th time in one week.

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