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Top 5 mobile apps for Warwick students

Hi everyone!

Throughout my first term, I have been making use of several apps, of which I have selected a few to share with you.

In no particular order:

1. Campus


This has a calendar which includes everything from your personalised lecture timetable to events organised by the SU (Student Union). It also alerts you before each event, so you don’t have an excuse for missing your lectures (not like you were planning on missing them anyway…).

I recommend downloading the app if not already, especially freshers since it can be really difficult keeping up to date with everything going on!

2. libmap


The main University library has 5 floors and it is likely that the books you are in interested in will be located in different areas. This app will help you identify available books and resources along with where you can find them.



Who doesn’t like student discounts!? The app lets you see discounts available both online and in-store which can save you a lot of money! From clothing to stationery, you are bound to find the discounts you need!

4. Your bank account

Most banks now encourage the use of mobile banking as it provides mutual benefits to both the customer and the provider. You can save time and money by avoiding trips to the local branch and perform actions; such as, payment making, bank transfers and viewing existing funds.

5. Yik Yak


This app has become increasingly popular over the last few weeks – a more “social” app for university students to share day-to-day, casual university thoughts anonymously. The main benefit for me has been to be one of the first to know where the free doughnuts are on campus…

Shanita 🙂 xo

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