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Top 4 things about living in Leamington

Leamington Spa is a very popular location for 2nd and 3rd students to live during their time at university. It’s an amazing place, with so many different aspects about it and will most likely make up a huge part of your time at Warwick. After living here for a year now, here are the things I’ve loved most about living here.

The town itself The first that struck me is how gorgeous it is. There is a lovely mix of old-fashioned architecture and buildings as well as new and more modern places on the parade. Just driving through you see how picturesque it is. This only becomes more apparent at Christmas, where the Christmas lights along the parade can’t help but make the strongest scrooge get some Christmas cheer (and the Instagrams are always good too).

Nightlife In first year, large amounts of your student loan are spent getting taxis back from Smack and Neon at 4am with ketchup round your mouth. When you live in leam, the dreaded journey home is now a short walk (depending on which club and where you live) which can often be the highlight of the night. Drunken students walking back home is one of the funniest sights, and you meet some interesting characters which lead to some fantastic stories. If clubbing isn’t your thing, a cheeky pint can always lead to a late one in Kelsey’s. Nightlife in 2nd and 3rd year is just easier, cheaper and far more memorable I believe than waiting for Pop every week to get your cheap fix of drunken antics.

Shopping In first year, Amazon prime was my saviour. Headphones? Amazon. Rugby shorts? Amazon. Present for my mum for Mother’s day which I nearly forgot? Amazon. But as life-saving as Amazon is, having shops available to you nearby gives you so much more options for everything you need and you get to go for a maccies after a long day looking for a card for your brother’s birthday.

Social aspect Although similar to nightlife, I love the fact everyone is still so close. The majority of my first year flat lived within a 5-minute walk of each other and this creates such a great community and social atmosphere. At other unis, living in 2nd and 3rd year can lead to losing close contact with thosecnot in your flat, but in Leamington, I never felt this to be the case. Last minute plans were the mainstay of this year, and that was such a brilliant experience.

Leamington is a wonderful place, and anyone going into 1st year should be excited to come to live here in your 2nd and 3rd year. I can’t wait to be back in October!

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