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Top 10 things you need to know about Warwick

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Hey everyone!

The time has come to face the fact that you will soon be living in a field in the middle of nowhere. And so it takes a lot of will power to choose such an institution, but of course, the brilliant academicia has to take credit for that.

I thought I should make a list of the top ten things one should know before coming to Warwick and so that is what I have tried to do in the following.

1. Its a HUGE campus, spanning over 290 hectares and so you will naturally get lost more times than you can imagine.

2. Warwick is known for its famous sculpture-"koan", a white cone, that rotates and colourfully lights up at night. While the sole symbol of Warwick, it is also the laughing stock of the entire university. Students are seen, hurling around it, worshipping it; praying to it to give them strenghth and wisdom. Indeed, why not!! It has stood since the time the university came into existence and has withstanded everything from hailstones to storm to snow.

3. Besides the "Koan", Warwick is home to several bizarre, unexplainable sculptures like something shaped like the "heart’s arteries" in the middle of the field to the right of the koan or some random red blocks, adjoined together, built outside the old rootes accomodation. With that being said, there are still quite artistic and appealing scultures.

4. There will be a new addition to your social media platform- Yik Yak. For those who don’t know, Yik Yak is a entertaining social media platform, essentially for knowing and keeping in touch with everything that is happening in your university. You can post jokes, funny memories, experiences and doubts about coursework anonymously. If someone relates to or likes your post, they upvote it, else they downvote or ignore it. Trust me, you will be addicted to it by the time term ends, if not earlier and the best part about it is that, if you have joined your local "herd", you can view and post on it even from back home.

5. Besides its lakes, ponds, landscapes and woods, Warwick is the land of geese. Wherever on campus you are staying, you will encounter one of these creatures on your way to your lecture/seminar; the library, the post room, the grocery store, while eating or drinking, literally at any time of the day. I can say with quite certainity that the geese of warwick are on a mission to overtake the university, and are so persisitent in there endavour that they even compromise on their sleep. Even if you don’t encounter them, you will hear them quacking, in the wee hours of the morning.

6. It will rain intermittently almost everyday so be sure to carry your umbrella/hoodie wherever you go. The weather is so unpredictable that it snowed even in the summer!

7. It will take time to get accustomed to lecture halls and seminar rooms, in that, you will be using the campus map frequently to locate rooms for your classes. Till this date, time and again, when I don’t know where a room or building is, I have to rely on the campus map.

8. The campus is pretty deserted over the weekends, as compared to the weekdays as people have either gone home for the weekend, or are travelling or chilling in their rooms.

9. There is a food market every Wednesday where you get to taste a variety of different cuisines from italian, to mexican to indian, to persian, to vegan at affordable prices. So this is a great alternative for students tired of eating ready to eat meals, or cooking in general. It’s open for lunch, till about 3-4 pm, so it’s pretty flexible with its timings too. In the late winter months and during the summer, there is an ice-cream van which goes around the university, which is a great and poular hit. Moreover, there is a kebab van, in the piazza, which is a students’ saviour when it comes to coming back in the wee hours of the morning drunk from a club or else even just feeding yourself at night, when you are too lazy to cook.

10. Not to freak you out, but whatever happens and however studious you are, you will end up having a breakdown, or panic or stress out at least once, if not any more times in your first year. So, try to put in as much work as you can during the course of the year, rather than studying last minute to avoid such situations.

To all you freshers, I hope you have an amazing time at warwick and hit me up for any questions you might have.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely day everyone x

Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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