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Top 10 Things I’m Glad I Brought to Uni

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This felt like a good time to review my most essential items that I brought with me in September – I can assure you, though, I brought many more than 10 things. Wish me luck getting it all home.

1) Laptop

As my weekly reports like to remind me, I spend a lot of time on my laptop. By nature of my course I have a lot of reading to do, plenty of which is accessed online. It’s also my go-to for downtime, aka Netflix.


2) Good backpack

I am constantly lugging this around, so a backpack was a good choice for the sake of my back. It’s a must for taking everything I need to lectures, and for when I’m out and about.


3) Room plant

Somehow I have kept my plant from the beginning of term alive to this point, so I’m now very determined to take good care of it. It sits on my windowsill and livens the place up a bit – a great choice for decoration.


4) Mini whiteboard

I write a to-do list on a mini whiteboard that sits on my desk, and I feel like this has been a really good way to manage my errands. Having my tasks written out can make them feel more manageable, and has definitely helped to keep me organised.


5) Planner

On that same note, my academic planner has been a real essential this year. I use this mainly for time-management, and planning out my days around lectures and seminars.


6) Umbrella

Welcome to the Midlands.


7) Earphones

Warwick is a big campus, so lots of time is spent trekking from one end to the other. My earphones have certainly helped to pass some of that walking time, so I make sure I always have them to hand.


8) Board games

A great way to pass an evening with flatmates, especially early in the year to get to know them.


9) Alarm clock



10) Photos

I love having pictures of family and friends on my walls; not only decorative but make the room feel more homely.

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