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Top 10 Study Areas

Hi everyone!

With essay deadlines coming up soon I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone about all the different options there are when it comes to studying which can suit everyone, depending on how you like to study.

1) Your Room

If you can avoid being distracted there, your room is perhaps the most convenient place to study as it has everything you will need and is a place where you will feel comfortable so that you can concentrate. However, if you can’t trust yourself to work there then keep reading!

2) The Library

The Library is open every day of the week until midnight and has different levels of quietness on each floor so it is suitable for everyone, you’re also able to sit at a computer, on your own, in groups and you can go and grab a book any time you need it so the Library is a great place to study.

3) Your Department

I can’t speak for other departments, but the History of Art Department has a small area with comfy sofas and chairs to sit at as well as some computer desks so it is a great place to stay after a seminar if you want to read up on anything and your tutors will be around if you have any questions.

4) Learning Grids (University House, Rootes and Leamington)

We have Learning Grids on campus at Rootes and University House and off campus in Leamington so there is always somewhere quiet to work whether you live on campus or not and you can work here on your own or in groups. The Learning Grid at University House is also open 24/7 so if you need to stay up and not be distracted it is a great option.

5) The Kitchen

Sometimes the kitchen is a great place to study depending on if it is empty or full, you can do some reading over lunch or dinner, work while talking to your friends or wait until its empty and work away in silence. It can also be useful to get someone else’s opinion before you hand in your essay and your flatmates will always be there to help!

6) The Arts Centre

This might not be somewhere you would consider studying at first but it has many comfy seats and quiet areas and is a bright and colourful place to be. Again, you can study here on your own or in groups and it is a good place to meet up if your group of friends are dotted all over campus and you want some different scenery.

7) The Library Cafe

If you get hungry while you’re in the Library or just in general, head down to the Library Cafe and grab some food and a hot chocolate to keep you going while you study at one of the tables. It’s a great place for more relaxed study or meetings with friends.

8) Outside

This might not seem obvious and it’s still a little too cold for me yet but Warwick has some beautiful spaces to study outside. You’ll usually be surrounded by sculptures, greenery or people depending on what you like but I will certainly be working outside when it warms up a bit.

9) A Study Partner’s Room

If you can’t concentrate in your own room, why not go over to a friend’s place? You can work with a flatmate, or someone on your course to go through everything to help each other out. You’ll probably have different viewpoints on some things too so it can help you realise things you may have missed at first.

10) At Home

Sometimes there is just too much going on at uni. Whether it’s too many nights out, flat dramas, or you’re just feeling too homesick you’ll always be able to head back home to study. Everyone needs a break from time to time and you’ll just burn out if you don’t make yourself comfortable.

Thanks for reading!


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