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Tools for 2019 (according to the Gregorian calendar, that is!)


I hope you are refreshed and relaxed and ready for the penultimate term of 2019.  I don’t set myself resolutions to break, but I do choose a word for the year, that I reflect and focus on frequently to make sure I’m still living by my values to achieve my goals.  Another friend chose ORGANISE as their focus word for 2019.  

  is inspiring as he explains how he organised his life to manage ADHD and subsequently created the 
 movement.  By decluttering what no longer has value to you allows you the freedom to live a more satisfying life doing more of what brings you joy.  Yippee!  Remove SHOULD from your vocab and replace it with COULD!! I don’t bullet journal, but I do keep an analogue diary and write everything in it.  That way I don’t have to remember stuff.

Another great way to say goodbye to the past and move on into a beautiful and bright future is YearCompass , a free downloadable booklet which helps you acknowledge achievements of the past year, then let go and focus on what you can do to make sure you co-create the best year ever yet so far, with awareness.

When life is simple, because you have let go of the unnecessary, there’s more room for clarity and equanimity and FUN! Get stronger mentally, physically and energetically by giving yourself time with  Adriene Mischler’s 

 Yoga programme to round off or start each day, or any other physical exercise of your choice.   I like to mix it up with walks in nature, strength training and cardio too.  When my muscles are yelling at me, I know I am alive!   Academia is a sedentary way of life mainly focusing on strengthening your thinking muscles, but there are sooooo many more to use and you need to move and groove as much as possible to maintain feeling good, both mentally and physically.

Most importantly, breathe…. and smile.  Life’s even shorter otherwise! ;op

Onwards and funwards xXx


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