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Tips – Term 2

During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
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Hello everyone and Happy February 2022!

I hope you are all well and getting ready for a new routine for this new term? Personally, it took me a couple of weeks to settle although we have had 4 weeks off 😊

In reference to my previous blog “New Year”, I actioned a first-time “thing”. I went to a comedy night, a stand-up comedy shows for the first time ever, in Birmingham! Really you might say?! Well yes, and I loved it! Although there was more breaks time than performances, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the good laugh. Each comedian had their own approach, and I would surely like to go again! So, that was one of my first-time goals achieved already for this year. Looks promising 😊.

Please, feel free to share any of your first-time goals already achieved or to come.

On another subject academically related, I would like to bring up a couple of opportunities in terms of career and prospects. I think it is never too late or too early to think or act. Also, when possible, why not take the time to explore and take advantage of the great opportunities that Warwick University offers?

As you are probably aware there is a career hub and here’s the link: Personally, I have used it a few times and it really helped me. There is a range of services such as CVs, applications forms, and career guidance.

What I would like to invite you to do if you have not done so already is, to have a look into the student opportunity page where a range of services such as volunteering, student internationalisation, skills or immigration & compliance, internships opportunities, and more are provided. Please find the link hereby:

“My Advantage” which is part of the career department and student opportunity section, is a very useful tool to use for volunteering or job search but it also plays a role as a diary where you can see all forthcoming events and manage your bookings. Please find below a screenshot of it:

Carrying on with career prospects, I would like to inform you of the international virtual programme 2022 which is an internship programme in partnership with international Universities. The recruitment is taking place now and you could benefit of a bursary, but terms and conditions oblige. Please find the link hereby:

On a personal note, I have been privileged to take part last year and I can only recommend it! In addition to various skills you might learn and/or improve, you also gain knowledge about a new organisation, a new aera of working on a project and meet peers across the world! You also benefit from a cultural experience. Everything is a bonus! 😊

Please do not hesitate to reach out or contact me, should you require any information. I am happy to help 😊

On these notes I wish you all, peace and focus for your assessment’s preparations. I have a couple coming up!


During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
Find out more about me Contact Cecile
  • Esther de Perlaky

    Thank you so much Cecile for your kind words about TeamWork and for your advice to other students about it never being too early or too late to think about careers!


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