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Tips on Staying Sane during Exam Revision in a Pandemic

Hi everyone! I am not going to lie to you, I don’t know how long have we been in lockdown, but time actually flies by really fast. I cannot believe that today is the last day of April??

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So, my current situation right now is that I’ve got my dissertation submission in less than a week. I’ve finished a huge chunk of my writing, and now it’s just trying to edit the finer details like appendix, my dataset amongst other things. I gave myself a really tight deadline because just 5 days after, I have my first online exam. It’s the final countdown, guys. My last examination as an undergraduate student. So yes, there is no doubt that this has brought forward my anxiety levels. Trying to cope with all this in Ramadan is also another thing, as my sleeping schedule tends to be all over the place. But here are some tips I can give, based on my experience, on what have kept me sane during this overwhelming period.

1) Yoga

Gosh, yoga has been my saviour during this trying times. I know people are sick of others saying that yoga is key to ensuring a better wellbeing, but I cannot emphasise this enough, yoga made me feel so much better. At times when I get so stressed about not being able to keep up with my workload and revision, I would turn on my computer and find yoga videos which suit how I feel. Period cramps? There’s yoga for that. Feeling anxious? Yes, yoga got you. Feeling like you’ve sat on your chair for hours? Yoga has Desk Therapy. The after-feeling effect is amazing, by the end of it, it feels like your shavasana is so rewarding and you’d think, “Ok, I got this!”

2) Talking about it to friends

You don’t ever have to suffer alone. Your friends may experience the same overwhelming feeling as you do. The more you open up to people, the more they open up to you too, and you realise, that you and your friends can make it through! My friend and I would always ask each other on our dissertation progress to keep ourselves accountable and have been doing daily Study With Me skype sessions together.

3) Talking about it to your family

I find that talking about your day to your family members can also help ease the stress, especially if you’re far away from your family. If you are at home right now with your family members, you can take a break from your revision and go chat with your family members. After a good chat, you can come back to your revision.

4) Self-affirmations

I find that nowadays, as much as I talk about my stress, I will still stress out, until I tell myself that it is going to be ok. So, start your day off by saying a few self-affirmations. Self-affirmations will enable you to understand that you are in control of your life, and whatever happens, you got this!

I genuinely hope everyone is doing well. I will be posting my next quarantine vlog soon, so be sure to watch it hehe.

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