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Tips on Choosing Campus Accommodation

Hello everyone, I hope your Easter breaks have been both productive and enjoyable :))

I expect that many of you have now decided on your firm and insurance choices, and are in process of choosing where you would prefer to live during your first year. Applications for accommodation open in May, so there is time to look through all the information on each of the residences. I was lucky enough to get my first choice Arthur Vick, and found it very comfortable, meeting all my needs, and being well-located.

As part of your application, Warwick asks you to describe yourself and also your sleeping times, and uses this information to place you in a flat (within your allocated residence based on your choices) with similar students. This is really reassuring for when you first move in.

Here are a few things to consider when narrowing down your options:

-Ensuite or shared bathroom. Are you okay with spending more to have your own ensuite, or are you not fussed and happy to share and save money on rent? Then, if you want to share, look to see how many people you will likely share with, as some residences like Claycroft have a bathroom shared between 2 people.

-Location. Warwick’s campus is large, so perhaps look at the campus map and see which residences are best located for your classes and perhaps to facilities which you will use a lot, such as the Sports Centre or Chaplaincy. Arthur Vick was in a good location for getting to Gibbet Hill. If you want to be close to the local shopping centre, Claycroft is the best place. For a more peaceful living experience, Heronbank and Lakeside are located away from main campus and are in a really pretty location next to a lake. There is a shuttle bus to the main campus, although it is only about a 10-15 minute walk to the main campus.

-Cost. There is a significant difference in weekly rents between the cheapest and most expensive residences, so have a look and see what each residence has to offer and see if paying a bit more for a particular residence is worthwhile compared to another. For me, I decided to choose Arthur Vick (for a bit more each week compared to some other ensuite residences), as it has a larger ensuite as it has a bath with a shower, and also a launderette within the residence.

-How many people share the kitchen. Would you prefer a smaller group, like in Bluebell which has 6 people to a flat, or like a bigger group such as in Rootes or Arthur Vick?

I hope this was useful, and happy researching!

  • Olivia

    Hiya, I was just wondering if there was any under the bed storage facilities as will be moving into Arthur Vick. Many thanks


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