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Tips from a Fresher 2016 to a Fresher 2017

Term 1 was hectic for me, to say the least. Term 2 just seemed to have flown by. And so, as Term 3 comes around, I have time to reflect upon what I should or could have done before the busy exam season comes up. I’m currently sat on my train back to university. In a way, I’m sad because I know that I will miss laying in bed until midday, but in a way I’m over the moon to be heading back to university. Even as a first year student, I feel like university has become my second home, if not main home. Being at university means living and working with people you love 24/7, and always having someone there for you. Student, or professional. It’s a release from the omniscient and omnipresent parents and a way to slowly be pushed into the adult world of independence… emphasis on the slowly. You are able to try out everything you ever wanted to, and all in the security of your new home: Warwick University. Before arriving here in October, I looked up a bit about the clubs at my new university. There were loads I liked the look of, and I spent a lot of time on the Warwick website and flicking through the brochures they sent through the post. However, my ‘research’ consisted mainly of looking at the cute guys in the prospectuses rather than the ways in which to buy a sports membership. Typical. It all seemed quite logical to me and at the time, I just focused on the important matters at hand: Would I have space to fit these fairy lights in my bag? However, when I arrived at university, the whole thing just hit me. I was moved from one place to another, high on the buzz of arriving somewhere new and exciting. I had a rough timetable of where I had to be at certain times for the first two weeks, and I guess I just went along with the flow. Gone were the plans to go to Lacrosse try-outs at 3pm on Monday, instead I was having an introductory tea date with French Society at Curiositea. Oh, and I couldn’t possibly miss the first introduction to my course, but I also wanted to check out the different food places on site? I was overwhelmed to say the least. And for this reason, Term 1 was hectic for me. By Term 2, I think all ‘freshers’ settle down. We get into a routine. Some might take longer, some might be quicker. Either or, let me assure you: Warwick University will quickly make you feel at ease and comfortable and do all they can to make the transition from home to uni as easy as possible. However, personally, there were so many things that I wanted to do and I was unable to join all the clubs I wanted to because I did not get my priorities straight. In hindsight, I realise that I should have researched a lot more on what societies I wanted to join before arriving at university. If I were to be a fresher again (hopefully not though, as I’d quite like to pass first year), I would definitely look up what societies I wanted to join and be certain of where and when I had to meet people. It is also important to get priorities in order: you can check out the infamous DirtyDuck’s purple another night if you have to go to an important meeting at the same time. So dear freshers, let me leave you with a phrase my Dad loves and one that has stuck with me: "No man plans to fail, they only fail to plan".

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