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Tips for the End of Welcome Week

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Happy Friday of Welcome Week! If this has been your first week at Warwick, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and are looking forward to the official start of term. This is a weird time for everyone — you’re adapting to a very new lifestyle with totally new surroundings. In this blog post, I have five top tips for this stage of Welcome Week which I hope are of some help to you!

  1. Don’t worry if you don’t feel 100% settled yet

(Secret: no one does!) Maybe you’ve made a few friends, chatted with your new flatmates, or got some new numbers in your phone. Everyone will be at a different stage in the process of settling into uni life, so if you don’t feel like you’ve met your group of friends yet, don’t worry! You are only five days into uni, so don’t put too much pressure on Welcome Week to feel completely settled. There will be plenty more opportunities to meet people and get stuck in, whether that’s at a society or sports club, lectures, seminars, or out and about. I didn’t meet some of my closest friends until much later on in the year, which is the case for a lot of people. There’s a lot to get used to at the moment! Make sure you give yourself time to adjust because it rarely happens right away, even if that’s what it seems like for other people!

2. Follow up on new friends

Chances are you’ve met a lot of new people this week, even if that was just in a brief conversation. As the excitement and busyness of Welcome Week fizzles over the next few days, now is the perfect time to follow up on those people and make friendships. Why not send them a quick message, ask if they’re free to meet for a coffee, or even explore campus together? It’s always a great feeling when someone asks to meet up, so embrace the spirit of Welcome Week and make some plans! You never know — they might be worrying about settling in too, and your message could well make their day!

3. Talk to family and friends from home

After a big week, it’s a great time to FaceTime your family and friends to check-in. They’ll love to hear how you’re getting on and will be there to listen to the ups and downs of Welcome Week. As you’re surrounded by a completely new environment, touching base with home can be a great way to lift your spirits ready for term to begin!

4 Join some societies and sports clubs

If you’ve been to taster sessions or events this week and enjoyed them, make sure you sign up to them! This will mean that you get the emails about future events coming up which you can get involved in. For a lot of students, societies and sports clubs are a key part of their uni experience because they enable you to meet like-minded people. There are still plenty of taster sessions in the next few weeks, so get involved in anything that interests you!

5. Start thinking about the new term

As lectures and seminars begin next week, it might help you to prepare in some way before jumping straight in. There probably isn’t a lot you can do at this stage, but something as simple as reading the module webpage so you know what to expect, or making a note of essay dates for the term, might help you to feel a bit more organised and ready to begin. You’ll always thank yourself later for any good organisational habits from the beginning!

I hope you’ve had a great Welcome Week so far, and good luck for the new term!

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