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Tips for Settling into University Life

Annika Sirikulthada | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Annika

In light of the fact that our new academic year has recently commenced, I have decided to construct this blog as an informative and helpful overview of the means you can endorse to best settle into University Life. Naturally, while it may appear that this blog targets first-year students, the tips included may also appropriately be applicable to second and third-year students. I will ensure that all tips are kept general and broad so they may be applied to a range of students regardless of home departments and location of study. I am also notably aware that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of you plan to complete your first term of University from home, and accordingly, I will also be including tips with regards to settling into an online University routine. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

  1. Test the academic waters: Personally, I find that utilizing the first few weeks of University as your ‘trial period’ will grant you the ability to test the waters with regards to what works best for you. Specifically, you may use this time to explore the different studying facilities on campus and conclude which one best accommodates for your studying needs. Correspondingly, you can also attend a range of modules fair to help you grasp greater comprehension of the modules you can select in your year of study. Additionally, you may also attend a range of social events to see which society’s social atmosphere is the most attractive to you. In general, I would highly advise you to keep the first few weeks of University stress-free and use it as a time for you to discover the perks of campus or online life; there is no need to strive for a perfect routine just yet, just simply take the process day by day and see which methods feel right to you. 
  2. Attend online events and socials: In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many societies on campus have opted to create online events where you can learn more about the society and meet the exec; this presents an endless series of opportunities for you to be actively involved in campus life while also keeping safe in accordance to the Covid-19 guidelines. Personally, I find that after attending a few of these events you’ll realize that the essence of socials is still maintained through the computer screens. Yes, it may feel a little strange at first which is why you should keep committed to the process so that this strangeness can translate into something natural. I also find that having your friends attend these online events and conferences with you is a great way to keep in touch with your peers while developing a shared interest. 
  3. Engage with your department learning: Recently, there has been a great release of emails, website links, and information from your respective departments. These series of content may seem overwhelming at this time but I highly encourage you to take a moment out of your daily routine to skim through the emails before archiving or ignoring them, this is because there are endless opportunities that may be of interest to you. For example, internship or research roles within your department may be perfectly suited to your area of interest but by ignoring these emails you could potentially be overlooking these wonderful opportunities. 

I hope that these tips are genuinely helpful to you all. I am aware that the start of this academic year appears untraditional and unorthodox as the University must maintain COVID safety measures. It is equally important that despite everything we always keep safe!

Annika Sirikulthada | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Annika

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