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Tips For Picking Your Firm and Insurance

Recently I’ve had loads of chats with individuals who are currently in Year 13 and are in the process of deciding their firm and insurance University choices. My sister is one who is in this process at the moment, so I’ve been giving her advice along with her friends. It reminded me of the intense stress you feel as an A Level student since you feel so much pressure when revising, with the thought that the rest of your life depends on the three grades you will get in August. The first thing to do is stop yourself from worrying (even though it can be difficult), as having a stressed out mind won’t help you to revise efficiently. Secondly, remind yourself that you can only try your best and then can tackle whatever happens on results day. There is no rush to go to University straight away, and you can always retake A Levels and re-apply to Universities in a gap year.

Some of you may still be deciding which University you should select as your firm and insurance choice, so I have some pointers you might want to consider when making this decision!

Have a look at the University’s ranking in UK league tables, for both the course in particular and overall. Has the University maintained it’s place over the past few years or is it drastically changing? Does your subject field require you to go to a leading University in that specific field to progress far in a career, or is it more beneficial to go to a leading University overall? (for example, Psychology at Warwick is ranked 25 in the UK, but Warwick overall is 8 in the UK).

Consider Russel Group status. This can have an influence for long-term prospects and whether you ideally want the support of a Russel Group University on your CV, or whether this will not make an influence.

If you have an idea of what you want to do after your undergraduate degree, consider how your University choice will influence this. Do you want to secure an internship and graduate job whilst you’re at University? – as the University’s links with employers and overall reputation can have an effect on this. Some graduate employers only target specific Universities, however this isn’t always Russel Group. Or do you want to progress into postgraduate education and therefore need to obtain a high 2:1 or 1 in your undergraduate degree?

Does the University offer opportunities to take a placement year or a year abroad? This can be extremely beneficial if you wish to pursue a graduate job after your undergraduate degree, as you’ll either be exposed to a company and may have a graduate job sorted before you start your final year, or you will have global experience on your CV to talk about when applying for jobs.

Where is the University located? Can you imagine yourself living there, in terms of residents, students, night life, campus, city/countryside etc.?

Those are some high level pointers, as there is obviously much more to consider when choosing your University choices, and it will also be dependent on you and what is important for you. However, hopefully it will be a helpful start for any of you prospective students that are struggling to make your final two choices. Remember that there is always clearing/adjustment on results day if things don’t go to plan. Also, you can be ensured that once you’re at University, a lot of stress will be lifted from your shoulders!

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